Saturday, October 24, 2009

Taking a break

Gonna grab a break before observing the Vigil of All Saint's Day. See y'all soon!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sharethis: Cancer Society, in Shift, Has Concerns on Screenings -

It appears that a major, major shift in general public recommendations is ahead.

Cancer screenings "overpromised"
Cancer Society, in Shift, Has Concerns on Screenings -

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Egads, world, I just joined
But that may be the limit of my useful brain power for today. Natural gas oven, Windex=Migraine & asthma

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sharethis: FTC: Bloggers must disclose payments for reviews - EarthLink - Technology News

And...there's another issue to consider: are remunerated bloggers correctly reporting this on their income tax returns? None of my business and I couldn't care less but it did cross my mind.

I do not and have never received any remuneration for either of my blogs--nope, not even an single penny or item. I have no financial interest in anything that's not in the Thrift Savings Plan (about whose investments I have no information nor could get any). Certainly nothing wrong with remuneration for blogging mentions, nothing at all. Sort of like personal testimonials and probably should be given the same weight.

I would be extremely interested in knowing whether doctors, therapists, advocates, bloggers--anyone from whom I receive information--have financial interests in anything they prescribe, mention, or recommend. My now-famously-former-not-to-be-mentioned Migraine speck told me, during an office visit, that he had not made enough money from his work on a med that he had shared with me in a prior office visit he had invented. He said this in the context of an attempt to persuade me to accept a prescription for it, as he was noting a contraindication for the med in my chart.

So no, he's not my doc anymore; however, the parting of ways wasn't until after I was "outed" to his staff. The parting letter was just as it should be, not a thing untoward about me or him either, nothing that would prejudice anyone who read it. No need for me to reproduce it here.

Other than my two most Excellent Assistant Offspring (who dealt with my disability issues and who still drive me and help me), only one person in the world knew his identity and my connection to him. I did not volunteer to tell this person his name. It was requested of me in an email. Very shortly thereafter, he and I were individually living happily ever after.

Be aware that NOTHING YOU PUT ON THE INTERNET IS PRIVATE, EVEN INFORMATION IN AN EMAIL. Nothing you tell anyone, no matter who you tell what to, will be kept private. Don't trust anyone asking for information who swears to have disinterest in anyone or anything: that person has his or her own best interest in mind, only and always. And perhaps a vested interest at that and man, wouldn't I like to know...

I have absolutely no concerns about sharing the boorish behaviour of this doctor. I will most assuredly never again share his identity with anyone.

You never know anyone that you don't know. And unless you travel with the unknown person, you won't truly know him or her as the old advice goes.

For another story of how the internet can work, check out this story. No joke, to me this doctor is yellow-bellied for not commenting on the post she didn't like. Of course, this is just from my point of view: I love a good argument even if I don't win.

FTC: Bloggers, disclose remuneration for reviews
FTC: Bloggers must disclose payments for reviews - EarthLink - Technology News

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