Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sharethis: World Of Technology: Your Mattress Could be Acting as a Cancer-Causing Radiation Antenna


Next time I go upstairs, I'll get my EMF meter and take some readings.

Seriously! I have an EMF meter! A good one! XD

World Of Technology: Your Mattress Could be Acting as a Cancer-Causing Radiation Antenna
Source: mytechnologyworld9.blogspot.com

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Feeling so good about feeling so bad :)

Physical therapy resembles manure. Yeah it stinks but once it's worked in well, it's the best thing your garden soil can get.

I feel like I've been pooped-upon, in the sense of the above statement. XD

I'm so sore.  I can feel muscles that I imagine haven't been moved in a couple of decades.  Again I got manual traction.  He also did something he called "upper cervical spine release" where he actually isolated the first three cervical vertebrae and shifted and manipulated around each one separately.

It felt so good that I'm afraid I may have sounded...orgasmic.  XD

What he did last TENSday set off many of my symptoms.  Stupid stress over the worst sorts of human behavior exacerbated the situation and I had a terrible weekend.  I was upfront with him about how bad I felt.  He apparently understood what I meant. 

When we finished, I felt as much better as I had felt bad when I arrived.  I've got some exercises to do and a couple of additional ideas for improving recovery between sessions.

In looking over his educational achievements briefly listed on his business card, he appears to my uneducated eye to be about 2 years from an osteopathic doctor degree.  In another state of this Union, he would probably qualify for licensing that Alabama simply doesn't have.  He speaks with authority and his manipulations of my spine have been precise and effective.  The guy's in the right business.  He knows what he's doing.

In one pocket I had put a tumbled blue calcite and in the other pocket, a double-terminated/ET lithium quartz.  Vibrationally, calcite helps "break up" old systems that are no longer working (useful constipation treatment is clear calcite in water, or as a formal gemstone remedy).  Lithium quartz I believe will help me with my recently-developed doctor phobia.  Today, the Moon is in Taurus which rules the neck.  Things came together to make today a very, very good neck day.

Ice tonight and tomorrow, my bff Scalene the TENS unit.  Onward and upward! 

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Friday, August 27, 2010

God bless & provide for His servants who've held my hands, prayed for me, adjured away the evil, & done well for Him.He comes reward in hand
God bless health care providers & metaphysicians who have helped me, past, present & future. God's saving up the pearls for your crowns. :)

Sharethis: Empi Products, Makers of my TENS Unit I named Scalene

Just a note before I go and implode: Don't go overboard with the TENS. I've now burned a spot on my upper back near my neck. It was underneath one of the electrodes.

I absolutely will pay closer attention to how long I keep that thing running in the future.

Empi Products
Source: empi.com

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh Scalene! Whatcha doin' to me, Scalene? :)

Well! We might be excavating deeply enough to find some real therapy to go along with the drugs to work on my Meniere's Syndrome and Migraine Disease.

At the moment, I'm iced up and doing some music therapy for the pain in my head. The pain's not pounding yet but it will be in a little while. That's what physical therapy on a neck can do!  Taking meds now and I'll be off for rocks shortly.  Chris told me to expect all this exacerbation of symptoms.

Many of my Meniere's buds and I have a thin strip of painful muscles down the sides of our necks on the side (or sides) in which we also have Meniere's. My right ear is currently diagnosed with Meniere's. The painful strip running down the right side of my neck has made me weep from the relentless intensity. Neither ice nor heat relieve the pain nor even mitigate it. With the Migraine preventative medication regimen I'm on, nearly all pain in my entire body responds to either Advil, Aleve, or if it's Migraine, to Indocin (occasionally I'll need my really big pain guns but not often).  They'll relieve the thin strip of pain but not the tenderness when I touch it.

Today, physical therapist Chris got to work on my neck.  He worked and worked and suddenly SHAZAAM.  He touched that painful strip (which had not been actively hurting and isn't hurting now) and I nearly came off the table from the hurt.  I felt it inside my right Meniere's ear HARD.

[As an aside, I felt bad for the other people in the clinic who heard my *ack*.  Hope they didn't wonder if Chris was throttling me or something.  XD]

He told me he had touched a group of 3 muscles called the scalenes.  Scalene muscles are innervated by one or more of the very vertebrae in my neck that I know are in trouble:  C-2 through C-7.  Chris told me that if we had time he'd get the anatomy book out and we'd look at it but dang, he spent two hours on my backbone as it was and I was a steak tender at the end.  I told him I'd look it up on the internet.

Scalene muscles seem to be associated with a repetitive injury called thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS).  TOS causes, among other things, numbness across the tops of your arms down to the ends of certain fingers.  That's a sensation I have during some migraine attacks, usually during prodrome.  Won't matter if I have TOS if they can just fix it.  Not looking for yet another diagnosis.  All I want is to get well.

Anyway, Chris worked like a field medic:  he noted how bad he was hurting me but it didn't stop him.  He got all up and under my C-1, also called the Atlas bone, but otherwise didn't do much near my vertebrae at all.  He concentrated on neck muscles.

Last thing he did on my neck was something he called "manual traction".  MY WORD I'd hire that man to do that to me every day.  I told him I felt an inch taller but he said he hoped he'd not stretched me but half that.  XD

We took a break and he showed me how to use my TENS unit.  E-stim which clinics use for pain relief is very good for me so I'm pumped about trying this for pain.  Chris gave me free reign to use it wherever I needed it.  COOL BEANIES.

[Another aside:  TENS units are not designed for the electrodes to be used directly on the head.  There is a company that makes an over-the-counter mini-TENS for headache but otherwise, don't anybody use TENS electrodes directly on your head unless your doc or PT tells you to and even then, have them explain why your prescription durable medical equipment TENS unit is safe enough for your head, why not?]

I have enough pain in other places that I could burn up the batteries in short order, I imagine.  And, after trying a nice little TENS secret that the owner of the clinic uses for vestibular problems, we discovered last week that it temporarily stopped the migraine pain that last week's work triggered.  I'm telling you, Dr. Breathtakingly Arrogant is onto something.  He spotted my Meniere's (which is a cochlear condition sometimes called cochlear hydrops) and told me that many of his tough cases have cochlear issues as well as migraine.

I had a rare opportunity, during my first visit to clinic, to be evaluated by a physical therapy doctoral student.  She was utterly amazing.  Never have I had a more thorough spinal and balance evaluation, ever.  She was about to recommend a...walker...but said that if I was doing ok and not falling with my cane, it would do.  Elder Assistant Offspring told me that if it ever did come down to a walker, she and my other daughter would pimp it out for me.  My only request was for headlights.  LOLOL

Anyway, that's a status report on the state of my head.  I've decided to name my TENS unit "Scalene".   After while Scalene and I gonna hook up and go cruisin'.  :)

Some links below to information about scalene muscles if you're just interested.

Scalene muscles drawing
Scalene muscles
Source: en.academic.ru

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Head and Neck Musculature, innervation of scalene muscles
PT Central - Muscles of the Head
Source: ptcentral.com

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Gray's Superficial Cervical Plexus (purple-taupe)
File:Gray784.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Source: en.wikipedia.org

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guys, go get a cold one. Gals, I've developed a significant latex allergy. Who sells latex-free lingerie? Need help, Google no real help.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Taking a break. My comments on a blog have been altered into something I did not say. I'm horrified & sickened. How could she?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sharethis: Shrink Rapping: Signs and Symptoms and Diseases, Oh My!

Well, THIS was eye-opening.  Here's an explanation of one criterion that's used when deciding on a psychiatric referral for some invisible illnesses.

I appreciate the doctor's candid answer.

Please read the doctor's blog post.

Shrink Rapping: Signs and Symptoms and Diseases, Oh My!
Source: shrinkrapping.blogspot.com

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sharethis: Op-Ed Contributor - Good Grief - NYTimes.com

"For the few bereaved who are severely impaired or at risk of suicide, doctors can already apply the diagnosis of major depression. But don’t change the rules for everyone else. Let us experience the grief we need to feel without being called sick."  Allen Frances, an emeritus professor and former chairman of psychiatry at Duke University

Hands down, the most lucidly-considered grief-healing article by an M. D. that I have ever read. 

Please read the article and take hope, all ye who despair at the state of Western Medicine.  But do note that this M. D. is a psychiatrist.  Would that all medical doctors had this outlook towards healing.

I've issued an Exploding Head Warning for today through Sunday, so I'm off to crawl underneath rocks.  Storms, heat, melatonin (I believe it's a stand-alone migraine trigger, just need to test it maybe once more), and a classic healing crisis have knocked me back a few steps.

Op-Ed Contributor - Good Grief - NYTimes.com
Source: nytimes.com

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Taking the afternoon off to pray for all the people hatin' on me today. I feel their pain. :(

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sharethis: Why We Should Worry About Prescription Drug Abuse - Newsweek

This piece of idiocy is adequately refuted by the comments left by readers.

Which adolescents are being prescribed pain meds and then becoming heroin addicts?  Which baby boomers are out-of-control with pain medication?  What if the children had been properly supervised and the adults properly supported by their families and friends?

I feel a major rant coming on and I don't need it.  They make me sicker and set me back getting well.

The goofy article grabs attention by sensationalizing pain medicine use and ends up garbling something about Viagra.  The writer expects us to see OxyContin abuse in the same light as Viagra overuse??

I've got to stop or I'll be ill.  Please do read both the articles and the comments.  If you are under any impression that prescription pain medicine use is a problem, I'll link you to some solid research into the overuse effects of acetaminophen.  When this over-the-counter drug came out the television advertisements told us there was no way to ever use too much.

Acetaminophen by brand name is called Tylenol.

Why We Should Worry About Prescription Drug Abuse - Newsweek
Source: newsweek.com

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ok, I'm sick. I've got what Mom has last week. At least I don't have her high fever. Thank you all for your prayers & good thoughts.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rough few days

I posted this on Twitter a few minutes ago.

"Can't catch a break. Fw: The Aug. 7th solar flare might affect Earth after all.New data show a CME heading our way http://spaceweather.com"

New Moon in Leo tonight and all this solar drama has done me up a treat.  Thanks to the energy healer, you know who you are, who got in there and unblocked some things.  It helped.  Praying for your intentions.  :)

I'm going to be out of medicine in a few days if this doesn't stop.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just sharing what Migraine and Meniere's together are like

Today is a dangerous type of day.

I've slept 18 of the last 24 hours, still need sleep.  Dreamed that Diana, Princess of Wales, had been married to my old choir director's son.  She asked me to please investigate why no one will allow her to excavate the construction accident site where his remains are buried [as far as I know, IRL the man is alive and well and living happily ever after].

Then I dreamed my late father gave me $10 to buy some lobster that was on sale.  My brother and cousin weren't interested in lobster so we didn't get any.

Just did a heat/ice alternating thing on my head.  It helped the pain somewhat.  I've discovered an additional nerve in my face that is now flowing with battery acid.  One more to add to the list.

My right ear has stopped doing deep Chinese gong tinnitus.  In addition to the regular 4 tinnitus sounds, it's been screaming a high-pitched squeal since yesterday (different from the Morse Code beeps).  My left ear has taken up the deep Chinese gongs.  Disequilibrium is so bad I'm trying not to walk because I'm just crashing into the wall and furniture.

Rescue medicating on days like today is dangerous.  I keep thinking that more will be better.  More will not necessarily be better.  More of the meds I have could be very, very bad.

I'm sitting here in the dark wearing prescription sunglasses.  I can't turn off the loudest of the fans because it's 95o outside and the a/c can't keep up.  I may have to get ear plugs.  With ear plugs I REALLY hear the tinnitus.  The neurotologist diagnosed me with a level of disability from tinnitus by itself.  You can't imagine how nuts it can drive you.

I have a good glare screen on my laptop.  I utilize the Windows Vista accessibility features to make the screen less painful to my eyes.  Today those features aren't helping.  I'm typing this with my eyes closed, for all intents and purposes.  I need to get off here and I will shortly.

Many compassionate people are so understanding of pain.  But unless you have migraine, you can't wrap your mind around how stupid it is.  Really, medicating on days like today is dangerous.  The impulse is to take more and more and more medicine to make the pounding pain STOP.

I'm into complementary treatments just to fill the gap between medications and relief.  I'm going to get some rocks that I know will help until the OxyIR, Indocin, Valium, and Robinul kick in.  I'll get them just as soon as I can get up without falling.

Fifteen seconds after I stand up, my head will explode and I'll have a stroke.  Well, maybe no stroke this time but there is no way to predict which migraine will be a migraine and which one will be a stroke.  My situation includes mitral valve prolapse which, according to a long-prior neurologist who succumbed to pancreatic cancer, is likely to be spitting out tiny blood clots that are traveling to my brain.  One day, he told me, my MVP would spit out a blood clot just a tidbit too big and instead of a migraine attack, it would cause a stroke.  I'd likely die.  Pleasant thoughts but in his defense, he told me this about 6 months before he died himself so death was on his mind.

Biggest issue next to this attack is food.  I'm hungry.  But I'm not safe in the kitchen right now.  I broke off a piece of bread and had it with cottage cheese.  That's what I've had today but really, I haven't been awake very long either.  Next will be Lucky Charms and milk.  I have a can of Campbell's Healthy Request (or Choice, or something) that has no MSG.  If I feel better enough after while I 'll heat it up.  That will be a big help.

If I get to feeling better I'm going to have to make a comfrey/catnip infusion to help repair the effects of all the Indocin I've had in the last 2 days.  This particular infusion is utterly amazing for relieving the stomach pain from NSAIDs.

And, I've gained weight.  No matter the pounds, my waist still stays smaller than my hips.  That a Sagittarius Sun for you (Sagittarius rules hips and thighs).  No joke, I seriously could do with some poundage loss but officially, I'm still proportionate.  Go figure.

Just wanted to share how stupid migraine and Meniere's attacks are.  Going to try to solve this without taking any more meds for a while.  I could barely swallow the last pills I took.  My body doesn't want to take any more pills even though my brain believes I need to in order to get relief.

Those one or two distance energy healers that know who you are, if you have time to help out a poor soul, I'll pray for your intentions in return.

I am so f***** up sick. 

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Transiting Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, & Vesta are in my 5th House of natal Pluto/North Node conj. I'd like to have an argument please.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sharethis: Stare at boobs for longer life: Study | TheMedGuru

Ever on the look-out for ways to improve men's health, I saw this article and felt compelled to share it.

Men, you know what to do. LOOK AT YOUR WIVES. Sheesh.

It's been a long 19 years since I divorced my boob-starer. Sad times for me. :/

Wives, do you part to increase your husbands' longevity. Better he look at you than some other gal, eh?

I'm going to barricade myself against the solar storm set to hit the Earth tomorrow, 8/3/10. Check out spaceweather.com to read about the neat but odd solar eruption that occurred on 8/1. I'm feeling it now.

Stare at boobs for longer life: Study | TheMedGuru
Source: themedguru.com

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