Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Carols for You!

See if you can guess the names of Christmas songs I've parodied? :D

We wish you a healthy Christmas!
No headaches upon this Christmas!
A warm, understanding Christmas,
And a pain-free New Year!

Less Migraines we bring, for you and your friends,
Less Migraines for Christmas and a pain-free New Year!

There we went a-vomiting
Before we gained control!
There we went a wand’ring
Such foggy brain’d trolls!

Love and joy come to you!
May your health get better too!
May God bless you and send you
A year of better health,
May God send you a year of better health!

I’m dreaming of a white ice pack,
Just like the ones my mother knows,
Where the cold spots freeze you,
And warm spots fail you,
Like men, watching TV sports!

I’m dreaming of a cold ice pack,
With every pounding pain I feel,
May your days be dark, quiet dreams,
Close the door to soften touchdown screams.

The Cluster and the Migraine,
When they are both full-blown,
Of all the curses that man may know,
It’s the combo that’s the crown.

In the bleak mid-Migraine,
Dreadful aches and moans,
Right behind the eyeball,
Underneath a stone.

Rocks were piled up, rock on rock,
Rock on rock,
In the bleak mid-Migraine,
Not so long ago.

Toradol, toradol, toradol rocks!
Toradol eases, toradol stops!
No wracking aching
Dependency free!
I’ll take an IV, if you please!

Toradol, toradol, toradol rocks!
Toradol ‘round the clock!
Toradol is wonderful
An IV heaven sent!
Doesn’t Toradol rock!  :D

Merry Christmas if that's your holiday.  It's mine.  Warm love and wishes for health and happiness!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Cheer - Sharethis: Dark chocolate prevents wrinkles, skin cancer


Fear not that high quality, high cocoa solids chocolate is nowhere to be found. World Wide Chocolate is one online purveyor who will bring such Elysian delights to your house, your very abode as it were. They are an online business I recommend. I do business with them and have been very pleased with all transactions.

Right now, yea at this very moment, Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate batons boulangers are melting in my mouth, smooth as liquid black gold.  This particular baking formulation has only 44% cocoa solids but I've got chocolate with 80% cocoa solids in the cabinet.  HELL yeah I eat baking chocolate!  And every sort of bonbon and confection, bakery item and savory dish containing Theobroma cacao that I can think up or find.

There may be some who consume greater quantities of chocolate than I do but I'll put my Theobroma cacao tastes up there with the biggest eaters any day.

Want to know why I don't eat Hershey's kisses?  Scroll down to the blog entitled "The Sweet Life" and look for the entry dated Friday June 5, 2009.  Read the comments.  Yep, there's one from ME.  I recommend The Bee Folks.  They carry bulk and varietal honey, some nice beeswax products, and Lori had TRIPLET BOYS last Spring.  They're good people to do business with.  I go through a lot of honey.  Lori sells half gallons, gallons, and even larger sizes as well as 8 oz and a couple of 4 oz sizes of premium honeys.

I hope to pull together some Theobroma cacao recipes and projects for the next article.  Preview:  That last swallow of sediment coffee in the pot that no one wants?  Add cocoa powder and another couple of ingredients to make a nice scrub for stretch marks that will tickle your spouse's tongue as well.  Ohhhh...yeah...

Chocolate is a Migraine trigger for some people.  It appears it may have something to do with endothelial function and production of nitric oxide, which expands blood vessels.  [Disclaimer:  I have carefully recorded my physical responses to chocolate over the many years I've dealt with Migraine and found one correlation:  The craving for chocolate is a sure sign that Migraine attacks are imminent.  Eat chocolate, don't eat chocolate, no effect on whether attacks occur in me or their intensity.]  Read this interesting article from--Hershey's--about some of the nice things chocolate does for people.  The article includes citations but frankly, I'd consider Hershey's Chocolate an expert in chocolate in their own right.  They're not my chocolatiers but I'll count on their information any day.

Eat high quality, high cocoa solids chocolate.  And honey.  Every day.  The Sparkling Mother is glad it's good for you.  :D

Dark chocolate prevents wrinkles, skin cancer
Dark chocolate prevents wrinkles, skin cancer

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