Saturday, August 30, 2008

If anyone needs another reason to wary of steroids...

I gotcha steroid warning right here.

I have finally turned the corner on a ferocious head and chest cold, the first really bad one I've had since Sept 11th. I hardly ever get colds. Before the Sept. 11th cold, I had pneumonia in 1992. Before that...can't remember.

On August 8th, a radiologist called for an ambulance to take me to the ER for an allergic reaction to gadolinium contrast dye I'd had for an MRI. The ER doctor was quite solicitous and loaded me up with IV steroids and a steroid breathing treatment, this after the radiologist (also quite solicitous) had given me IV steroids. I was about as full of steroids as I've ever been, I guess.

Steroids stop allergic reactions by depressing your immune system and that suppression lasts for a long time. When I was released from the ER, I was in a state of truly depressed immunity. And, when Elder Assistant Offspring came home from university with this cold, I had no real way to fight it.

I was too sick to shower. I was too sick to get to a doctor. I have coughed my head off and lost sleep from the terrible pain in my sinuses and bronchial tubes. Anxiety triggered a migraine attack and the stress of it all triggered a Meniere's attack.

What made the difference, I believe, was crystal-charged water. An artificially-produced quartz crystal called Aqua Aura makes a good mineral water for colds. Aqua Aura is a quartz crystal or cluster that has a pure gold coating, held on by only the electric charge of the crystal, that will neither wash off nor can be scrapped off. The two components, gold and SiO2, make for very powerful oscillation medicine. Much, much more about mineral waters, recipes, and ideas for usage in Part III of Sparkling With Crystals.

I drank Aqua Aura mineral water 8 ozs at a time (I DO NOT recommend this for everyone--I was sick, terribly sick, and quartz is my stone anyway) and rinsed my sinuses with it. I put my Aqua Aura crystal (a double-terminated generator--both ends) on my neck where my throat was sore. My swollen tonsils vanished in 24 hours--the swelling did, I mean!

Sorry I'm delaying Part II, the science issue, of Sparkling With Crystals. Until I feel better and these hurricanes go away, I'm rather distracted.

If prayer is in your belief system, please pray for us down here in states that border the Gulf of Mexico. Memories of Ivan, Wilma, Katrina, and Rita are haunting us. All good thoughts are gratefully welcome.

Several different mineral waters charging in the sunlight

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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Science behind Honey Medicine for Colds, Coughs and Sore Throats

Ah, the elysian delights of honey! I could wax lyrical, but it's better done here (.pdf file) at the US National Honey Board website. The science in this article comes from this .pdf file. Here is the National Honey Board's page of links to honey and health topics. Peruse at your leisure and enjoy the recipes.

I want to be a queen bee. A hive has only one, she's the most important bee of all, and there are between 500 and 1,000 drones. Dadgum migraine...can't get my mind out of the beehive...honey doesn't appear to be a trigger for me and I'm not aware of anyone whose Migraine or Meniere's symptoms are triggered by it. Sinus problems (whilst being a symptom of a type of headache called cluster headaches) and viruses do seem to trigger Migraine attacks in me. I like this medicine because it doesn't interfere with any meds I'm taking and does treat colds. Important: see the Notes at the end of the recipe for information about a couple of meds and a couple of the ingredients.

Honey contains vitamins and trace minerals (not in particularly useful quantities), antioxidants, and it's a source of natural hydrogen peroxide. It's considered antimicrobial due to its relatively low water content and high acidity--yep, honey is an acid. Fortunately the majority of varieties don't taste acidic.

It's time to make this year's Honey Medicine for Colds, Coughs, and Sore Throats. I developed this particular combination of ingredients after many seconds of fractured thought whilst at the same time pondering the exquisite nature, fragrance, and flavor of mead (honey wine). Tonight I made hay while the moon was shining and I felt up to it, and made a quart. The three of us--Elder and Younger Assistant Offspring and me--use only about that much in a year's time. Be clean, sterilize your jar, lid, and ring, and simmer the ingredients properly and it will still be a delight this time next year.

Just another couple of tips before the link to the recipe: Honey freezes well. If you believe you'll have honey for longer than, say, a year before you use it, consider freezing it. Whilst crystallized honey is perfectly safe, it may have developed a musty or old taste. That old jar with a layer of hard honey at the bottom might be perfect for a facial or to put on a scratch or minor burn if the flavor isn't to your requirements.

On to the here for the full recipe (also below).

Honey...worth exploring for its many valuable properties, worth eating just for its incomparable self, and do consider learning to make mead if you just want a safe hobby that doesn't require burning up gasoline. The honey wine you'll make will provide you with yet another avenue to follow as you lift up your life to a higher level.

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Honey Medicine for Colds, Coughs, and Sore Throats - recipe

Honey Medicine
Colds, Coughs, and Sore Throats

* Wide-mouth quart canning jar, lid, and ring
* 2 cups raw honey, any flavor you like but tupelo is especially nice
* 1 lemon, well scrubbed, thinly sliced, and well mashed in the saucepan. Remove seeds you see and be sure to put in all the juice
* 1 orange, well scrubbed, thinly sliced, and well mashed in the saucepan. Remove seeds you see and be sure to put in all the juice
* 1 cup filtered water, spring water, or other non-chlorinated/non-fluoridated/non-distilled water
* ½ inch slice fresh ginger, finely minced but not grated
* 1 stick cinnamon (cassia), broken
* ½ tsp freshly grated nutmeg or tiny pea-sized chunk (optional, for flavor only)

Wash the quart jar, lid, and ring in hot soapy water, rinse well, and bring to a boil in fresh hot water to sterilize. Remove from water, drain, and set aside.

Combine all medicine ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium heat, stirring gently rather frequently until the honey dissolves in the water. Carefully skim off any scum that rises. Do not boil! Simmer for 10 minutes.

Carefully lift out the pieces of fruit and put into the sterilized jar. Carefully pour liquid and remaining ingredients into jar, wipe the top clean, cover with the lid an ring, and allow to cool. The lid will ‘seal’ and ping. Release the seal, re-cover, and refrigerate until needed.

Use as often as you wish when your throat feels scratchy or you feel like you might be coming down with something. Rarely will anyone need more than one serving. This is potent medicine.

To use, turn the jar over a couple of times to mix it up and let settle for a couple of seconds.

For one person, pour two or three nice big tablespoons or so through a strainer into a big cup of boiling water and mix it up well. For the grownups, add a shot of bourbon if you wish.

For more servings, pour about a cupful through a strainer into a 44 oz tea pot. Fill the tea pot with boiling water and share with the whole family so that, hopefully, no one else will get sick. Drink it as warm as you can stand.

Nice to sweeten hot tea too, herbal or Lipton but you might wish you hadn’t if someone suddenly gets sick and there isn’t any left.

If everything was well-sterilized and the mixture properly simmered but not boiled, this will stay good in the fridge for a year.

Many recipes perform well with substituted ingredients. This is not one of them. You’ll only be making this once or twice a year so do it right.

Don’t make this if you can’t get high-quality, good-tasting honey because the flavor of it will only intensify as it waits in the fridge. Honey has a natural form of hydrogen peroxide and it forms the recipe’s medicinal foundation. There are more expensive bourbons but if you chose to put a shot or two in a cup, Wild Turkey 101 Proof has a flavor that matches these ingredients deliciously. The lower proof is nice too.

DO NOT use ground cinnamon. Don’t make this if you don’t have a fresh, high-quality, fragrant stick of cinnamon (cassia). Stick cinnamon has medicinal value and this recipe relies on the quantity in a full stick. Cassia is one of the “50 Fundamental Herbs” in Chinese medicine. Get the good stuff for this recipe.

DO NOT use ground ginger. Don’t make this if you can’t get a beautiful, fragrant, firm piece of fresh ginger. The recipe relies on the medicinal value of the volatile oils in fresh, young ginger rhizomes. Avoid consuming the minced pieces if you’re taking Warfarin or have gallstones.

Don’t make this if you can’t get a beautiful, fresh orange and a beautiful, fresh lemon. Orange juice and dried peel, lemon juice and lemon zest, might make an inoffensive beverage, but the recipe relies on the medicinal value of the bioflavonoids and antiseptic properties in the fresh fruit and the terpene oils and aldehydes in the fresh peel. Drink a glass of orange juice or lemon-water if you want the nutritional value of the juice.

The Magic and Medicine of Plants, (c) April 1990, Reader's Digest Association Inc, Pleasantville, New York
The National Honey Board website,
Complete Lemon Information from
Oranges: Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and Enjoy from the University of California website

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sparkling With Crystals: Part I

This is a repost from my other blog, The Carmelite's Habit. Just to whet your appetite for Part II: Bow of the Sun coming up this week. :D


"It is love alone that gives worth to all things." - St. Teresa of Avila

Disclaimer: There is a branch of Christian theology concerned with proving Christian doctrines and it’s called apologetics. Roman Catholic apologetics is far beyond my little pea brain talents and there’s no apologetics here. Sorcery as discussed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) paragraphs 2116 and 2117 isn’t germane to this series of articles. I speak for myself as a Christian mystic and former Secular Carmelite. Ok, I’m good.

I feel like a walking pharmacy. I’m tired of feeling like a walking pharmacy. I take three prescription migraine preventatives and one prescription Meniere’s treatment med every day. I take a number that I won’t reveal for the migraine and Meniere’s attacks that occur but it’s far more than four. I’m going to do something about feeling like a walking pharmacy, if anything can be done. I’ve got my migraine specialist’s approval for this series of experiments, so I’m good again.

Recently, I reread a neat passage about crystals and migraine in the only book I recommend for migraine. Teri Robert, the nation’s #1 Migraine Disease Patient Advocate, wrote Living Well With Migraine Disease and Headaches: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You–that You Need to Know © 2005 HarperCollins. It is part of my migraine education recommendations. I’ve read a library of books on migraine in my 42 years of dealing with it. This is the only book I recommend. I’ve given it away for free. I recommend it to you.

Teri has a chapter about complementary therapies. I’m a firm believer in complementary therapies. To me, they’re completing therapies because used correctly, they complete the work of the Western physician. How lovely it will be when the Western Physician will do his or her thing along side the holistic practitioner whose work will round out the patient’s belief system and the patient will get well and get on with living!

Here is what Teri wrote on pages 156 and 157 of her book:

One of the basic principles behind crystal therapy lies in the theory that different crystals or stones have different vibrations. An interaction between the vibration of the crystal and vibration of the person triggers healing responses. Some people believe crystals were created by God and can have healing properties just as herbs and minerals do. They reason that if we grind up minerals and ingest them, why not use whole stones and crystals for healing effects?...When I was introduced to these theories I figured, “Why not?”

Why not me either? I thought. So, I messaged someone who knows about crystal healing. After taking his advice, I realized there was an entire world that I had not explored, a whole world of healing out there, a beautiful world of healing with crystals.

Am I saying I had never heard of crystal healing? Of course I have. I know this man is a crystal healer. I know all the myths of crystal balls, magic wands, stories of middle- and far-Eastern rulers who used various crystals and things like ground pearls in elixirs and medicines, food and drink and enhancements for all sorts of purposes. After all, I write historical fiction and I’m in the middle of writing a novel about an ancestor of mine whose father and husband both were poisoned–that’s history. In my novel she will have the gift of stopping blood–that’s fiction. She and her sister-in-law use crystals and gemstones superstitiously and so will another character who is a distiller of essences. I’ve done historical reading about how crystals were used during the Renaissance. Queen “Bloody” Mary was said to have a toadstone that she was never without, that she used for “treating” her wine to supposedly render it free from poisons.

So why now after reading Teri’s comments in her book did I decide to research my belief system for guidance and then find out for myself if the superstitions were bogus, placebo, or real? What made me think I’d have success with crystals for migraine? Teri Robert has had some success with amethyst. Migraine is a full-body, genetic disease with no known cure. We can work to prevent them, and treat the attacks when they come, but that’s the best we can do right now. I am retired on disability from both Meniere’s Disease and migraine disease. I’ve tried other completing therapies and whilst I’ve had success for other situations, nothing has ever touched migraine. Was it a fantasy dream to think anything would help migraine in me besides a drugstore of medicine?

Crystal healers are not plain old people. Just have to come right out and say it. They have gifts that science will explain one of these days once quantum theories are thoroughly understood. Right now, there is no way to adequately discuss how crystal healers do their thing. There is so much involved in crystal healing, so much intuition, and that cannot be taught.

I feel like it’s part of the Providence of God, the manner in which God ‘provides’ for us, that this crystal healer agreed to help me. He did it for free. His time is limited.

I made good use of his advice. And became enchanted not with amethyst, which Teri mentions in her book that she uses for migraine and the crystal healer knows of too, but–clear quartz crystal which is what the crystal healer recommended that I start with. Why did he recommend that I start with clear quartz crystal? Part of the intuition of the crystal healer.

I’ve left out part of the sequence of events. Before I ever placed the first clear quartz crystal point on my head to see if it would make my head stop hurting, I had to come to terms with some serious spiritual issues. I wanted to know much more about how rocks and crystals are made and mined and what they do by themselves when they’re just sitting around, much more about how the human body works as we know it, whether crystal healing was something my belief system would even allow me to study much less utilize. I wanted to know if they worked too. Long-time readers, y’all know I’m a firm believe in What Works. Placebo, repeatable results, doesn’t matter to me. If it works, it’s legal, and it’s ok with my belief system, I’m there. But I had to start with my belief system because it is the first layer in the filter.

As we live every day, every minute, every piece of sensory input that comes into our brains is sifted through the sieve of our own belief systems. We all do that. If we’re not taught to do that then we learn to do that on our own. We learn to be true to ourselves, whoever ourselves happen to be. We learn so, so much about morals, social conventions, and how to live rightly from those who rear us. We form our own belief systems based on what we’re taught or what is revealed to us, then filter everything we see, hear, read, or think through those belief systems. I am a Christian Roman Catholic (CRC) Carmelite mystic, so every thought, word, and sound goes through the CRC mystic filter before I accept it. All of us do the same. Some of us are more Democrat than Pagan, Republican than Atheist, more closely attuned to our IRA balances than anything else or sure that our beliefs are to hold no beliefs at all. I had to filter the concept of crystals for healing through my CRC mystic beliefs before I ever sent that first message to the crystal healer. You can’t imagine the spiritual gymnastics I’ve done since then.

I already knew that certain other parts of crystal work were a duplicate effort from a Christian perspective. Using crystals in meditation is an example. In the Judeo/Christian belief system, we pray. We meditate on sacred writings and Scripture, and we can meditate when we pray. In Christianity, meditating on sacred writings is called lectio divina.

Akashic Records wouldn’t be part of Judeo/Christian sacred writings unless one believes them to be the Book of Life as Edgar Cayce, a devout Christian and considered by many to be the Father of the New Age movement, did. There are crystals said to ‘download’ information from the Akashic Records when used in meditation. Never been to the Akashic Records myself so I can’t give a report on what’s there. We would meditate on a crystal if it were part of giving thanks for God’s amazing creation but other than that, the concept of meditating on crystals is superfluous in Christianity by and of itself.

Using crystals to access other metaphysical realms is another area of duplicate effort. I wish I had done that series of articles I had planned on Carmelite spirituality so I could refer to them now!

The Judeo/Christian belief system is balanced by its mystics. The Carmelite Order, of which I was one until I voluntarily withdrew when my formation director and friend died of cancer a few years ago, is a mystical order. My particular side, the Discalced Carmelites, were reformed by St. Teresa of Avila who levitated and performed miracles that have yet to be explained. The Wiki article is quite accurate and well written. Scroll down to the Mysticism section for a good overview of her mystical phenomena. She had visions of heaven that defied her ability to describe because she didn’t know words that would match what she saw. Some of her visions seem to closely match near-death experiences and the trances of Edgar Cayce, for anyone interested. She encountered Hell too, and saw her little cell in Hell waiting for her if she chose not to repent of her sins, and Hell was populated. Honestly, I’d rather not encounter beings like some of the ones I’ve met before. I’ve seen heaven too and wonderful, marvelous beings. Many Judeo/Christian mystics have perhaps not such dramatic stories to tell as St. Teresa of Avila’s, but suffice it to say that using crystals to access other realms is duplicate effort.

My sole interest is in whether there were prohibitions against laying rocks from the earth on a human body to alleviate pain and promote health. I’m certainly no Biblical scholar, but I went to Sunday School every week. I can usually find what I’m looking for. I got started.

I searched the Bible. I searched the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I prayed, and prayed, and talked it over with family and friends. Between myself and my daughters, we’re blessed to have friends right now of nearly every religion except Satanism and I did know someone who was a Satanist priest, but I’ve kinda lost touch with him. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, I’m working my way through all of these religions to see what I can learn.

During my prayer time alone, the Holy Spirit impressed on my soul the guidance I asked for. I won’t post all that here but if anyone is interested, comment on this column and ask and I’ll gladly share. The more people who examine this, the better we’ll all understand it and hopefully, get it right. The comments for my blog are moderated which means that what you comment comes as an email to me first. They will not automatically appear here on this page. If you don’t want your comments listed after I’ve read them, just tell me.

Neither in the Bible nor the Catechism can I find a single prohibition against using a rock from the earth on the outside of a body for health any more than I can find prohibitions or guidance against using one on the inside of a body for health either (and I’m thinking of mineral supplements now). Using crystals for meditative and/or mystic purposes is superfluous in the Christian belief system. Sorcery as defined and discussed in paragraphs 2116 and 2117 of the CCC isn’t germane to this article. So I’m on to the science of how crystals could possibly do what they most apparently do, and do well.

What I plan is four columns including this one. The next article will cover a few of the rocks and crystals I’ve experimented with and will include some of the information from the crystal healer. Regardless of belief system, there are ways to get the best relief from crystals. Silicone Valley has learned how to deal with crystals too as they’ve built computers. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Right now, I envision that the third article will cover more of the science of crystal usage today. They’re everywhere and I had no idea until I began my work on this series. Rest assured, science has no interest in any religious aspect of crystals and they get spectacular results from their fiber lasers and diamond dome music speakers. Yep, crystals are utilized for their oscillations as well as for their hardness and durability.

I plan the fourth article to cover my personal experiences with crystals so far, maybe give a couple of gem elixir recipes that might be useful to migraineurs. I might put a couple of photos of my own crystals and ones I’ve dug–I’ve been a rock hound since I visited the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History in Washington when I was 12 years old and saw the incredible rocks and minerals on display. Once you see a rock fluoresce under UV light, you’ll never be the same. When I saw the diamonds and gemstones fluoresce, I wondered if heaven could be more enchanting.

Crystals: A new world for me, a new way to relieve pain and support health that’s reusable and doesn’t require that I put anything into my mouth. A new way to utilize the fruits of the Earth, this beautiful world that I love so much. Perhaps a way to bridge some of the gap between traditional crystal work consumers and their Christian brethren, if they’ll have us, common ground one might say.

Healing: A solid bridge in this beautiful world, glowing with minerals and sparkling with crystals.

Fossil in shale from my backyard, with watchcat

Fossil in chert, again from my backyard

Thanks to Teri Robert, author of,
Living Well With Migraine Disease and Headaches, for reprint permission.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Three-day Migraine attack...first in a while

Possible triggers: storm system to our west, tropical storm Fay to the east, anxiety over the anniversary of a significant death

Three day migraine attack in progress and this is day 2. It's been a while since I had a three-day migraine attack so psychologically, I feel good even though physically I feel dreadful.

I'll start a ticker to track the days between medicated attacks once this is over. Yes, I had to medicate this attack last night and I'm fixing to medicate again. One of the crystals for the weather-sensitive is moss agate. Gonna get it out and see what I can do. Blue chalcedony is another crystal for the weather-sensitive.

I've gotten questions about resources for beginning crystal users. I ordered The Crystal Healing Pack by Judy Hall from Amazon and was beyond pleased with it. It comes with twelve crystals that are nice-sized and quite good in quality--I can't reproduce that collection of crystals in that quality for the $19.95 cost of the kit. The book in the pack, Crystal Healing, also by Judy Hall, is one of the best small-sized resources for using the twelve crystals that I've come across. Practical and straight-forward, I've found it superior to more metaphysical works when it comes to sheer usefulness. The Crystal Healing Pack has a five-star rating on Amazon too.

I've bought kits for my daughters and have given the kits to friends. All their reports have been favorable.

AS ALWAYS: sift the information in The Crystal Healing Pack through your belief system. I found only a couple of things that wouldn't be useful to me. It's a very down-to-earth, modern resource and the crystals themselves are worth more than the price of the kit.

One note - because of the size, the crystals may need cleansing more frequently than perhaps a larger stone might need it. As the Crystal Healer told me, the more you work with them the easier it will be to tell when they need cleansing. Crystals are like computer chips (oops--giving away information from my next crystal article!). They are programmable and store information well. When used for healing they collect human energy of all varieties. They'll get full though and will also collect skewed energy (known as negative energy, but I've found that any energy that's not the correct frequency for your body or particular organ will build up even if it isn't 'negative'). Some crystals will amplify energy and might return amplified, skewed, illness-related energy to you if they're not cleansed after use for healing. Don't want any of that!

The Crystal Healing Pack and other works by Judy Hall are in my Amazon widget on the left for convenience. Any place you get it from--it's a fine place to start.

I'll be back at 55% once this migraine attack is over. Oh yeah, I'm only at 55% on the best days. That's disability for you. Love the disabled in your world. They might someday learn about crystals and then be able to help you in return. :)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is What Life's Meant to Be

I published an older version of this poem on my sister blog, The Carmelite's Habit. I knew I had revised it but couldn't find the newer version.

Brain fog won that time. The older version made the blog.

When I found the newer version I wanted to share it, but debated how to do it. I decided that it's important to me to illustrate brain fog when it happens to me because it's a serious problem. Migraine and Meniere's both create serious episodes of brain fog. Science has not adequately explained the mechanism that causes it. Donna Eden's Four Memory Pumps energy exercise does a marvelous job of clearing it, at least until the next time it hits. Wish I had thought to clear the fog!

Here is the newer version.

This is What Life’s Meant to Be

Migraine’s blowing up my head,
Throwing up inside the bed,
Daddy’s dying way downstairs,
Migraine does not give a care.

I have Job’s friends for my own,
Never miss a zinger known.
They’re impatient for my doom,
Eying things inside my room.

I can’t even reach a drink,
Medicine’s beside the sink,
No more covers on the bed,
Now my face is turning red.

“May I take your picture dear?”
Can’t believe that’s what I hear,
Mother wants the world to see,
What her daughter’s come to be.

No more reason left to live,
No more love in me to give,
Let me die, just let me be
This is all life’s left for me..

Darling, Daddy’s very old,
He’s got cancer, truth be told,
I will change your bedclothes now,
See? Bed’s all fresh from stern to bow.

You have ditched your evil friend,
Water’s gone around the bend,
Here’s a glass of nice cool drink,
Will you need an ice pack, think?

Here’s your medicine and mask,
Closed the blinds before you asked,
Soft caress, exquisite love,
I shall make you sing, my dove,

Soon I'll lay you down with me,
We shall see what love can be,
Close your eyes and smile for me,
This is what life’s meant to be.

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