Monday, November 23, 2009

Sharethis: Migraine Increases Likelihood of Stroke - US News and World Report

Heeheehee! Oh heck yeah, I'm a spoil-sport! An article about STROKE RISK on Thanksgiving!

Yeeebuddy, you got that right. When you're a walking stroke waiting to happen like I am, you don't get time off for holidays from vigilance.

The study appears to have missed the two most crucial bits of information that could have been gleaned had anyone thought to look for them: whether the stroke sufferers had taken any triptan therapy in the preceding 48 hours, and whether any were on Migraine prevention medication (or medication with Migraine preventative effects). I believe triptans may contribute to Migraine progression (including contributing to strokes) but without tracking it or mining it out of previous studies we won't know. All we'll have are the prescribing information warnings and contraindications from the drug manufacturers.

Hmmm...that might be a good project: to put links to all the triptan prescribing information here on this blog.

Full disclosure: I have prescribed for me a triptan called Axert, but not for Migraine. Triptans do not provide any Migraine relief for me. I've been diagnosed with cluster headaches for which Axert is a miracle and they're what the doc prescribed Axert for. I've needed fewer than 12 doses in the last 18 months, one of which I took this week. One Axert and the cluster cycle is busted. That is utterly amazing. Cluster headaches are also called "suicide headaches" because that's an apt description of how they affect some of us. I have no other triptans and they are not in the Migraine portion of my doctor-and-me-drawn-up management plan.

I'm not totally opposed to triptan usage. I believe it should not be the first rescue medication a person reaches for in an attack and I believe it should not be written into Migraine management plans that way. The much-maligned health insurance industry frequently limits the number of doses of triptans that they'll pay for in a month's time. I can't help but wonder if that's because triptans are not harmless. turkey, or tofurduken if you're Weird Al, rest after dessert, take a nice long walk in the fresh air, and know that the Sparkling One is thankful that you read her thoughts.

Wait...that doesn't sound exactly the way I mean it...some people do read thoughts...never mind, the dressing's getting cold. XD

[Article at least number 1,801 Editorial note] Migraine Increases Likelihood of Stroke
Migraine Increases Likelihood of Stroke - US News and World Report

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sharethis: Justice Department "Ten Employment Myths" video

This should be excellent.

I thought about waiting until the video was up on the U. S. government's website but I still don't see it. If it's available now please somebody holler.

If your employer needs educating about YOUR rights and responsibilities as an employee with a disabling condition, don't wait. Find out on your own like I did and pass along what you learn!

Justice Department Releases ADA Employment Video: Ten Employment Myths: Information about the Americans with Disabilities Act
Welcome to the United States Department of Justice

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sharethis: Spirit Daily - Nun Who Attacked Vaccine...Raises Questions



The author of the attached article, Michael H. Brown, is an investigative journalist. Until a rather dramatic personal experience at Medjugorje, Ukraine (where the Blessed Virgin Mary is said to have been appearing daily to certain seers since 1981) which moved him to return to the Catholic Church, he was best known for the intense investigative work in which he exposed the Love Canal environmental contamination disaster. He wrote a best-selling book about Love Canal and the human misery and deaths directly attributed the still-unresolved disaster. He is reliable, thorough, non-sensational, and trustworthy in his investigative reporting. His opinion about the nun (about whose video I blogged myself), as he explains in the article, refers to her personal opinions on certain women's issues and not her credibility.

Please read the article. Please take your time. It is tedious in places and took all the concentration my poor disabled foggy brain could gin up to get through it once. Be aware that the article is deeply steeped in belief-system references. None of the belief system references has anything to do with the specific issues around the safety of the H1N1 vaccine.

Navigating through and fully understanding everything he has to say will have to come another day for me when my eyes can focus and my brain can line up thoughts orderly. This blog column has taken me two hours to write. I'm out of useful minutes for today.

To anyone who so desires to comment, I certainly would appreciate the discussion. This is an extremely important subject and the work on it absolutely must continue.

Nun-Physician Who Attacked Vaccine has Controversial Past but Raises Questions
Spirit Daily - Daily spiritual news from around the world

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Sharethis: Flu vaccine questions linger | The Citizen Online

Simul-posting. And taking a few days off.


The article's author, Ben Nelms, says later on not to take anything in his piece as "gospel truth". I make the same recommendation.

I too spent a while yesterday, time I should have been resting my left arm (connected to that displaced C-6 vertebra), coming to the same conclusions that Ben Nelms did.

When I had read through many articles including a monastery website in Spanish, comparing English subtitles to audio on an hour-long Spanish video made by an M.D. & PhD Benedictine nun and attempting to locate documents many documents including on the World Health Organization's website (which would not load), I had to stop.

I was too horrified to go further.

Ben Nelms wrote the attached Sharethis article that the section below is quoted from. I did not write it.

"...All this brings up another point. Respected medical researcher Len Horowitz along with Austrian journalist Jane Burgermeister (you won’t find any reference to these folks in the major U.S. media) have recently filed lengthy affidavits claiming a conscious effort by the U.N., World Health Organization, some international bankers, the U.S. government and some big pharma companies to intentionally corrupt the novel H1N1 vaccine with components that would have killed untold millions of people worldwide.

As outrageous as this sounds, the claims by Burgermeister and Horowitz came after it was verified earlier this year that a shipment of 72 kilograms (158.4 pounds) of vaccine component material sent by a Baxter lab in Austria to a lab in the Czech Republic for inclusion in the H1N1 vaccine contained live H5N1 avian flu virus (H5N1 has a current death rate of 63.5 percent, as opposed to the less than one-half of one percent rate from H1N1).

Fortunately the “mistake” was caught by a Czech lab technician. This potentially catastrophic “mistake” was covered extensively by the European media, but not here. Fox and CNN were virtually silent. Naturally.

So, Baxter potentially contaminates the vaccine, WHO a couple of months later turns around and gives the company manufacturing rights, then issues a Level 6 pandemic that triggers law-enforceable protocols with nearly every nation on the planet (including the U.S.)..."

According to the video made by the Benedictine nun, it was an absolute quirk of fate that the Czech lab even double-checked the vaccine. There was no requirement nor even a standard practice for the double-check to be done. She explained the testing that was done and why the results were astounding.

It appears that the pharmaceutical company Baxter says that the 72 kilograms of vaccine shipped from a Baxter facility in Austria to the Czech Republic were not intended for human consumption. But the shipment was for HN1N human vaccine. The nun carefully explains what the contamination was and why it would have created the world-wide catastrophe that we now do not have in November 2009 had it been injected into people as it was labled. The shipment-testing event occurred in February of this year.

Yeah, an hour long video of a nun giving a class, in effect.

Would that I was qualified to get the New England Journal of Medicine so I could read their articles about the flu vaccine contamination situation. That publication has done reputable reporting, according to what I was able to find.

My biggest problem with Jane Burgermeister is her website. Nothing wrong with wanting help to carry forward her lawsuits. Many posted articles are full of numbered foot- or end-notes but there is no way to determine foot or end because the notes are nowhere to be found. The feeling I got from her site was that it had been designed for maximum sensation. That's perplexing because she apparently has evidence on her side anyway.

I plan to write to my Congresspersons. I want to know what they have to say about all this.

And yeah, I'll pay a fine or go to prison if necessary because I will not take this H1N1 flu vaccine. I may never take another vaccine again.

My mother and I were discussing this. She put it succinctly: "Who can you trust anymore?"

I now must crash with Mineral Ice on my neck and back.

Flu vaccine questions linger
Flu vaccine questions linger | The Citizen Online

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11/4 Edit - Sharethis: Thimerosal Suspension for H1N1 (swine flu) Vaccine - Immunization Program - Washington State Department of Health

11/4 Edit: Here's a link to another good discussion of the thimerosal issue in the H1N1 vaccine.

10/13 Edit: Good discussion going in the Comments.


This is troubling news. The U. S. Department of Health has suspended the allowable level of thimerosal for the H1N1 vaccine. Troubling because thimerosal is a mercury substance.

Generally, I'm in favor of vaccinations and inoculations. I'm in the age group with scars on our shoulders from smallpox inoculations. Down here in Alabama, tetanus is a problem. Inoculations and vaccinations are important for public health.

I am NOT in favor of unrestricted thimerosal levels in anything. Pregnant women are advised to avoid fish so they (and their babies) won't be exposed to mercury--yet pregnant women have been labeled as high-risk for H1N1 problems and should be amongst the first to get the unrestricted thimerosal vaccine? What's wrong with this picture??

I do not plan to get the H1N1 vaccine. There is simply no good reason to do so.

Please read the article listed on the U. S. Department of Health website. Read all you can from sources you trust so that you can make an informed decision.

Consider not getting the H1N1 vaccine. To suspend the restrictions on thimerosal levels is insane, in my opinion.

Thimerosal [mercury level] Suspension for H1N1 Vaccine
Thimerosal Suspension for H1N1 (swine flu) Vaccine - Immunization Program - Washington State Department of Health

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pruning social networking friends/follower/following lists again. Don't take it personally. Gotta keep the bigotry out.