Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Deep in transpersonality

"You know nothing of hell."
Koehler, POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl

May has been a rough month. It has taken a lot of out of me and I couldn't have told ahead of time that it was going to be so difficult. May marked one year since my father died here at home.

Fairly easy Migraine month, though. I've now gone for three complete weeks without a Migraine attack of any sort. Three-week-long prodrome still going so whenever the attack finally progresses, it's liable to be a huge one. Quite pleased that I've needed no meds other than daily preventatives in a nice long time. Clear quartz and dioptase-charged water, that's the secret.

Not a good month for Meniere's. One minor attack after another and one major attack, first major one since February. My ears feel like they're about to explode right now. My hearing in my right Meniere's ear is down. My mother had to raise her voice yesterday just to talk to me.

If I can ever get all my situations calmed down, I do want to go back to school to study transpersonal psychology. It's a complex subject by itself, psychology is, without the addition of things like shamanistic healing techniques, astrology, and in-depth dream interpretation. Transpersonal psychology is a form of depth psychology. Going into the deep places of the human psyche to heal the most frightening, disturbing, and supra-personal topics and doing it through transpersonal techniques that take a person outside themselves and into the extra-dimensional realms--I cannot wait. Soul retrieval, hypnosis, energy work--all right down my alley.

Seems I'm suited for it, if my birth chart with the new time is correct. It appears I've got the chart of a witch--or midwife of the soul, as it has also been put to me.

I've figured out a way to do a bit of studying. I can use my laptop in bed and when vertigo hits, I slide it to the edge of the bed and stretch out. Yeah, I've spent a lot of time horizontal this month. I'm vertical right now borrowing Libchik's computadora whilst I wait for mine to come back from warranty work. Feels good to be upright.

Got several things in my head that I want to write about: new information about the role of estrogen in brain's processing of hearing (which MUST include the study about the relationship between cochlear dysfunction and Migraine which is also affected by estrogen and hormones), something that struck me about the relationship between Neptune birth chart aspects and "permeable" people like me related to body energy leakage (I cannot afford to shed energy under any circumstance that I don't initiate), and how birth chart analysis seems to provide clues to help distinguish between learned behaviour and innate, inborn character traits. Learned behaviour is more difficult to modify than inborn characteristics, and any help in sorting it out would give a psychologist an edge in treatments.

Before I write any of those columns, though, I'm going to write about what I'm reading right now: The Hades Moon by Judy Hall, (c) 1998 Samuel Weiser Inc, Box 612, York Beach, ME 03910-0612. Judy Hall is a UK karmic astrologer/astronomer (Master's Degree level) who has counseled people who have a particular chart aspect connecting their Moon and Pluto placements. It seems that we Hades Moon sorts have unique problems such as energy vampirism and other such issues from the depths of hell that transpersonal work appears to succeed especially well in adjusting. My Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto in Virgo is what Judy Hall calls "doubly Hades Moon". So, to everyone I've put through hell since the day I was born, I apologize. Now I'm getting a handle on it. Glad my belief system contains a method for addressing wrongs. Hope you all begin to feel better soon. :)

Right now, I've got to get horizontal again. The good vertical feeling has worn off.

Feels good to be feeling again. Speaking of feeling--did I mention that some people with Hades Moons have a higher libido than others? Add that to my current 20% increase due to Migraine and...dadgum...gotta find a way to solve this...

With my Venus in Aquarius squared Neptune in Scorpio plus my doubly Hades Scorpio Moon, it takes an extremely strong, handsome man on the darkest side of the Force to achieve perfection in my eyes. But, he'd have to prove trustworthy first, and I don't believe that's possible for any man. Love you guys, but you'll tell a girl anything. Especially you dark-side and handsome types. :-*

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