Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sarcasm Ahead - Sharethis: New Space Headache Category Proposed Following Astronauts' Survey

The Space Program has given us wonderful things like Tang and freeze-dried ice cream. Ok, Velcro is useful. :)

If anyone can show me widespread benefit to Migraineurs and headachers to come from diverting research dollars to study a new Space-travel Secondary Headache Category that occurs only in astronauts, I'll stop with the sarcasm.

To spend time and money on this seems almost as out-of-this-world as would some hypothetical make-believe pork-barrel project to study ways to reduce homicide rates within the world of organized crime.

They should do what we Earthlings have to do: Take a triptan and shut up about it. Astronauts are always making excuses for botched space projects--and now, they can blame headaches with the full approval of the United States Government.

Nope, not fair until we can too. Nope, they're not entitled to better care for their spaceman head woes than we are.

This is as ridiculous as someone adopting a baby animal to keep it from being put down but who wouldn't imagine adopting a child to prevent it from being aborted. Study spaceman headaches when the funding for Migraine and Earthling headaches is so underfunded it barely shows up on the National Institute of Health budget radar?

Oh whaaaa....me BITTER???

The government actually did this. They did.

Research $ for astronaut headaches
New Space Headache Category Proposed Following Astronauts' Survey
Source: sciencedaily.com

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