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Sharethis: Biofilms and herbal medicine, Dr. Peter D'Adamo's SWAMI Xpress

If you want to see a biofilm in action don't clean your teeth for a day, that gunky plaque is a biofilm - an appetizing blend of bacteria, sugars, proteins and bacterial DNA.'
- Carla Ross,

Well, I've must have a biofilm somewhere myself right now.

Night before last, I dreamt that I was showing someone a huge growth (non-existent in real life) on the left side of my neck. Yesterday I woke up with a tremendously painful, swollen, red tonsil.

I've doctored myself with echinacea, yarrow, and mullein infusion, used smokey quartz and amethyst for comfort, and rested and slept.  A few minutes ago, my fever broke by itself.  No meds taken other than my regular daily Meniere's and Migraine preventative meds.

I imagine it'll be tomorrow before it completely quits hurting when I swallow but I've turned the corner as the old saying in our family goes.

Since the first of the year I've been following a health plan designed by the author of the attached article, Peter D'Adamo, a naturopathic physician pioneer of blood type and health issues.  I became sold on his concepts years ago when I saw improvements after making just a few changes in what I ate and how I dealt with stress using Dr. D'Adamo's blood type A secretor recommendations.  Both of my daughters have benefited as well from his type O secretor recommendations.

Dr. D'Adamo's SWAMI Xpress System is a secured online database.  With a purchased password, a person enters various bits of information such as fingerprint shape, length of certain fingers, specific head measurements, determinations such as which is longer:  Torso or legs?

It is even quite detailed about such things as mitochondrial DNA haplogroup (if known) and Y chromosome information.

The database will sort the information input by the purchaser and designate a Geno Type and Epigenetic Worldview Type.  What those facts mean to your health are explained in great detail in the printable report generated by the database.

The report includes an exhaustive list of health-improving recommended foods, foods nutritious but neutral, and foods best avoided for well-explained and documented reasons.  The report contains much more information but you'll have to explore it yourself to find out!

SWAMI Xpress and information from an associated typing kit determined that I was a GT5 Warrior/Receptor Super-taster.  I had already carefully read the book which preceded SWAMI Xpress, The Geno Type Diet by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo with Catherine Whitney.  I was familiar with Dr. D'Adamo's Geno Types and had a feel for the broad ideas of epigenetics.

To paraphrase Dr. D'Adamo's marvelous descriptive terms, I'm a survivor with a mystical bend, one who made it through the war and lived to tell the tales and sing the lays, to teach the lessons of war and live the way of peace.  These characteristics are utterly unique to the rest of the world who share my physical sort.  Conditions I faced in the womb contribute to my Geno Type and epigenetics.  Just as family members might have varied blood types and Rh factors, family members may differ vastly epigenetically speaking.

I'm a lookout of sorts too, one might say, the canary in the coal mine.  Receptor types "receive" everything around them and for me that's everything:  germs, energy, weather, wind, inflections of a voice and turns of a phrase in speech, timing, temperature, sounds, tastes, and my word the list could go on for another page.  Dr. D'Adamo identifies Receptive types as "immune tolerant" and my SWAMI Xpress plan is designed to switch on the genes that protect me from germies and deal with issues like cancer (that can be stopped, and probably frequently gets stopped, by healthy immune systems every day).

I don't believe I've read anything in Dr. D'Adamo's work about Receptives being energetic and emotional vacuum cleaners but that's what I am.  In three months my overall health has improved noticeably.  I wouldn't say I was any more functional but I'm healthier.  My mother is quite dusty and gritty energetically and emotionally, so my vacuum cleaner stays full no matter how often I change the bag, to put this in metaphorical terms.  Solving my receptivity to things of that nature is on my list.  Unfortunately, it's not covered by SWAMI Xpress!

Please read the article carefully.  Consider checking out Dr. D'Adamo's books from the library and seeing if you think you'd benefit from his ideas.  The food recommendations are balanced, varied, widely available, and most importantly they're real foods.  No diet foods on this plan!

I'll continue to post my progress.  I've got other New Year's Resolutions to work on but improving my health between attacks is progressing.

Biofilms, infection and herbal medicine
Biofilms and herbal medicine

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