Saturday, November 27, 2010

[Tough] Love beats Hate: Are you still wiggling?

Whew. Now that the situation that moved me to want to participate in the blogger event Love Beats Hate seems to have calmed to a simmer, I feel better about sharing.

Love Beats Hate is a movement organized by Diana Lee of Somebody Heal Me and Jeanne of Chronic Healing.

How to list all the reasons a person might have for interacting with the world in any given manner!

My reputation seems to precede me occasionally. Other times I get pecked by the least little rooster chicks. A little rooster came after me the other day and it took every bit of love in my heart not to squash him like a bug. By the end he had pretty much exposed all of himself that there was to see, and the show was over.  He'll learn eventually.

If you were there, you saw this. If you weren't, it's gone now. It was a classic example of discernment.
Parin Stormlaughter  I have become doctor phobic. Just the thought of a doctor visit sends me spiraling.

[rooster]  OH boy, here we go again with the mighty storm laugher! REALLY? Your life is spiraling out of control not just your head! Mary Jane is gonna get her fired and doctors are evil. I would ask what you do endorse but your political views are waaay too obvious. [Original Poster] is my homie and I dont want your toxic ooze in my community. I wish there was a captain storm slaughter abortive pill we could all take, or you would hop in your fairy costume and fly the fuck outta here.

Parin Stormlaughter  LOL go smoke a bowl, [rooster].
When I saw this, I hadn't the foggiest notion what this fellow was talking about. I'm retired on disability pension so there is nothing for me to get "fired" from. [Original Poster] and I have participated in a couple of chronic illness online support communities for a number of years. She knows me. No idea what community he thinks I'll be oozing toxicity into.

It seems he has associated me with a political view on cannabis. Where on earth he got that is beyond me as well. Anyone who reads my blog is quite aware that I consider plants to be premier medicines, foods, companions in their own way - but, until Federal law changes, cannabis is illegal to grow and/or possess in all 50 states. And you can bet that if I wanted to utilize cannabis, I'd grow it myself. There is not a professional cannabis farm that grows organic cannabis on a large scale.  They're likely to use just as many chemical pesticides, weed killers, chemical fertilizers and whatnot as any other non-organic farmer.  Who knows?  There may be a "Round-up ready" cannabis seed out there.  Not for me.  I use organic for virtually every plant that goes into my body.  If cannabis ever becomes legal and I decide to try it, I'll grow my own thank you very much.

The discussion is moot.  I'm not spending any time thinking about cannabis.  There are plenty more plants for me to explore that I can legally grow myself, or that will grow wild without a bit of work from me.
[participant]  Well that's original!

Parin Stormlaughter  [rooster's] just mad because I keep denying his friend requests.

[rooster]  Anybody want a good laugh...maybe even a storm of laughs? I dont have anything to say beyond youre a lune and here is proof

Parin Stormlaughter  Thank you! More traffic, the better. But you're hijacking [Original Poster's] post, eh? Come & comment on my blog! Please!
Yep.  While he was blasting me on this thread, he was sending me multiple requests asking to follow me.

Why would anyone do that?
[rooster]  Thanks but no thanks...I aint messin with the power crystals you use over witch doctor types are dangerous in your intention alone! FREAK!

Parin Stormlaughter  Full disclosure: I'm Tweeting all this too. Fear God, [rooster]. I'm nothing to be afraid of. :)
By this point, I was giggling.
[rooster]  I am an atheist, I dont fear god or any of your stupid superstitions retard! what differnce would it make if you were tweeting it? Are your fellow losers gonna come at me in minnions? just go back to WoW were you are still cool.

Parin Stormlaughter  I've never played World of Warcraft in my life. Somebody got into my checking account and drained it for a WoW site.
I had made a Ping post previously about Word of Warcraft that appeared on all my sites.
Parin Stormlaughter  No joke, [rooster]. Leave poor [Original Poster's] post alone & fight me on my blog.

Parin Stormlaughter  But, I'm touched that you care. :-*

[rooster]  well for that I am sorry...nope I am not really! HAHA, you spread your moronic filth that rots the minds of your race. False hope in prayers and other BS just makes people believe that everything will be ok, melts polar ice caps, kills millions in wars, leads to disease spreading...youre a wretch and I hope you die!

Parin Stormlaughter  *sigh* And what moronic filth is that, [rooster]? You certainly credit me with an awful lot of power.

Parin Stormlaughter  Oh - what race am I btw?

Parin Stormlaughter  I really am sorry, [Original Poster], but baiting [rooster] is just too much fun.

[rooster]  its all there dumb dumb read it again
By this time, tears of laughter and sarcasm had overcome me.
Parin Stormlaughter  But [rooster]! I want to see you say it again! And again! And again! Something about your special choice of words...can't quite pin it down...

[rooster] and btw, i only friend requested you so that i could tell you without inconveniencing [Original Poster]. If you had half a brain you would have figured that out. if you actually cared about [Original Poster] you wouldnt tell her your affraid of docs this month when you said you trust them last month! empty words!

Parin Stormlaughter  Busted! My "comment" field is open to everybody and always has been.

You just wanted to see my gorgeous face...

Parin Stormlaughter  And my blog is your favorite, so why not comment there?

I think that secretly, you wish you were me, with all my powers to melt polar ice caps and spread disease, ALL BY MYSELF.

[rooster], jealousy isn't necessary! I'll teach you everything I know for FREE!
It goes on. He makes sexual references, calls me a subspecies, and tells me he sincerely hopes I die in pain again. Oh, and he says I have a "sour attitude".

I was collapsing with laughter.  Nothing would have induced me to beat this man with anything but love!

He really had not done his homework.  I'm really not much fun to fight with, truth be told. I never fight unless I feel certain I'll win, and I take no joy in besting others. This poor entrepreneur wasn't worth going to war over. He wasn't after the original poster and I can take care of myself. 

It is so glaringly obvious that he does not have a clue who I am or what I believe, nor does he have the slightest concern about anyone who is chronically ill. He hasn't read my blog nearly as closely as he would have anyone believe. Well, I hope that's the case. Maybe he read it and simply didn't understand. That's always possible.

Somebody flagged his comments. It's an important thing to do and next time he comes at me like this, I'll flag them myself. Hard to feel regretful for egging him on, though. I can take care of myself but another chronically ill person retired on disability pension reading his attack on me might have been dreadfully hurt by what he said. It was important to them to see that love beats hate, even if it's tough sarcastic love.

I wish him well.  I'll continue to pray for him.

"May God bless him, may He give him all kinds of good things and if possible, may He love him more and more." St. Therese of Lisieux

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