Sunday, February 13, 2011

Open Response to a Doctor Who was Well-Treated by a Fellow Doctor

"Have you had similar experiences when a healthcare provider went the extra mile to show you they cared?"


You're another doctor and you are acquainted with the fellow doctor you saw. He felt guilty when he saw you in the gym and remembered he had not gotten back in touch with you. What, do you think he'd have risked ignoring you in front of the others in the gym? Or horrors, what if you'd approached him first??

I'm a toadstool with many signs but in all the wrong places. I don't have a gym membership nor money for one. I'm not long-time friends with doctors.

You're a doctor who was cared for by his office staff with attention and respect because doctor's offices close ranks. I make low-cost home-made treatments for myself from plants I forage out of the woods or with rocks from the dirt.

I'm terribly sorry you've got something to deal with health-wise. It's true, the old saying that if you have your health, you have everything.

But it's great to be you, isn't it?


The Sagittarius Sun of Cynical, Sarcastic Bluntness

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  1. For a minute there, I thought this was about Doctor Who.

    I give this post a thumbs up for truth.


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