Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh frabjous day! or Diabetes might be in my future but it's not in my present :D

They say that the waiting is the worst part.

You've had medical tests performed. The doctor says he or she will call you about the results. You go home and...wait.

BUT SOMETIMES YOU GET LUCKY and have a doc who's office calls immediately to discuss the findings. My doc's nurse called me today about the further diabetes testing that was done yesterday. Yep, called me today. The results made me so happy that I had a piece of toast with butter and honey to celebrate. I did!

Although they're not ready to say that I have not developed diabetes, at least I DO NOT need to take any action right now. Well, they want me to enroll in the cholesterol nutrition class. Something about my total cholesterol being 248 and my LDL being 167 seems not good to them. XD

That testing yesterday made me ill. Within 120 seconds of finishing that fizzy orange drink that tasted five times beyond way too sweet, full rotational vertigo started. I was nauseated. The nurse said I looked like I didn't "feel too good". I kept it down though.

Afterwards, the nurse made me eat a package of cheese crackers from the vending machine and drink water before I got up from having the last blood drawn. No scolding please--I bought Aikichik a nice Milo's lunch for giving me a ride and staying to keep me company (and I got a burger and fries for me--no drink) and I ate the fries on the way home. I haven't had french fries in more than a year.

I checked my sugar when we got home before I ate my burger. It was 69 and that's low. I ate my burger, took a nap, and when I woke up it had only gone up to 84.

The nurse had said to eat protein and protein and protein for the rest of yesterday but no more sugar (I looked at her in disgust and told her I didn't WANT any more sugar) so I ate eggs and chicken. By bedtime it was up to 117 and I was feeling better.

Yay. Nothing to do for my sugar but keep on keepin' on.

If my triglycerides were even close to bad (but they're wonderful) and if my blood pressure was close to bad (it's wonderful too), I would be more concerned about my cholesterol. No way am I going to agree to take cholesterol meds. We have no family history of heart disease and the strokes we've had are migraine-related, I'm quite certain. If my liver is naturally making this much cholesterol, maybe I need it.

Now I get to read up on crystals and cholesterol, liver function, and such.

Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! And thank you, Lewis Carroll, for providing my father with a favorite blurb to say at odd moments, "The time has come, the Walrus said..."

Who knows the future? Not me, but I'd give nearly anything... At least my tomorrow doesn't include diabetes, and for that I am grateful to God.

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  1. What precautions can we take for the onset of Diabetes? How to tackle the early stages of Diabetes?

  2. Oh beats me! :)

    I am certainly no doctor or health-care professional. My only education is a bachelor's degree in English Humanities from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

    People should work hard to learn about health and how to take care of themselves, to me. That's what I am doing full-time now, trying to learn how to get myself well and off the "disabled" list.

    My blog is to document and explore alternative and complementary health topics and treatments that have worked for me, and to help in the Migraine and Meniere's awareness fight.

    Good luck and thanks for reading.


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