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Out there: Beats "What's your sign?" as a pick-up line! :D

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In Japan, you are what your blood type is.


I was in my teenage years during the 1970s. The '70s saw the Ecology Movement (which I still actively participate in), discos (I suavely buffaloed my way past the waiting line into NYC's Xenon disco in 1979 XD), and the Sexual Revolution. Ah, the days of the cheesy, corny pick-up lines!

Used to be people would start conversations by asking about astrological signs. And since you're wondering...I'm Sagittarius, Moon in Scorpio with Gemini rising. My biggest deal is Mercury, which is associated with my rising Gemini and also is in my sun sign of Sagittarius. I can't slow my brain down long enough to learn to be less HIGH that actually right???

I've seen reporting on this Japanese blood-type movement before today but this article is particularly good. It describes how personalities and blood type have been linked.

No one wants to be stereotypically pegged, but, uhm...I'm A neg and...well...the article has me pegged. Both of my excellent Assistant Offspring are O neg. They're both generous and can be stubborn, but then, isn't eveyone like that at times?

Guess I need to get an English translation of one of those ten Japanese best-sellers and read more about it!

Actually, I'm a proponent of some aspects of blood type revelations for nutritional and stress-reduction because they work for us. Before anyone has a coronary, I ONLY follow naturopathic physician Dr. Peter D'Adamo and the Right4YourType system. He has published peer-reviewed articles and lectures on blood type and health. In the past he had been granted stage II US Federal funding for breast cancer research using--and I'm not making this up--escargot. Don't know the outcome of his research but the concept is interesting, to me at least.

I fully understand that snails for cancer simply will not make sense to anyone not familiar with Dr. D'Adamo's work. He's onto something though to be into Stage II funding for research. I've got an article started about blood type and health. Hope to have it up soon.

Dr. D'Adamo's work has been very good for us. For example, if you're an O, you may feel better if you exercise every day until you're sweaty, if you eat more lean red meat, and you should be aware of autoimmune diseases. I need to BOLO for heart disease and cancer and find gentle ways to relax and exercise. Anyone can get any disease (well, I would never have had prostate cancer because I'm a GIRL and I won't have any reproductive system cancers because I've had a complete hysterectomy), but Os are more likely to need more intensive management of autoimmune conditions and As are more likely to die of any cancer they develop, according to Dr. D'Adamo. In other words, if I do develop diabetes I should be able to do nicely with diet and exercise. If an O develops cancer, surgery and/or conservative measures should cure him or her completely.

Strenuous exercise triggers Migraine attacks consistently and has triggered Meniere's attacks at times in me. If my two aikidokas (students of aikido) don't get full, tough training sessions they get ungrounded and sick. More than a bite or two of red meat hits my gut and sits there like a rock until I'm ill. They don't feel like they've eaten if they don't have red meat three or four times a week. Grains help me feel good but make them retain fluids and gain weight. These are just our experiences--YMMV.

I know there is more to healthy life than any one isolated concept. Health isn't all about carbs, or all about trans-fats, or all about blood type. But knowledge of how your particular blood type can be a reflection of what makes you feel good and healthy can be "helpful and hopeful" and that's the only thing Edgar Cacye said his psychic readings were good for.

I'll add this: Type As physically react poorly to stress because we stay in a state of high cortisol all the time. I've had the two most stressful years of my entire life in 2007 and 2008, and now I'm disabled.

I had a big blood sugar crash this afternoon--that blood-sugar testing last Wednesday seems to have screwed me up and I haven't been able yet to get "right 4 my type" again--and I'm not going to write for a few days (or even check email) until I feel better. I need more turkey and good vegetable proteins, more plain yogurt and buttermilk, and that should square me away.

But I HAD to share this article.

Ok, so I'm aware that this whole subject is really "out there" for some of my amazing readers. But I'm up for fun so hey, Handsome Man--what's your type? ;D

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  1. My mother and I followed the A+ diet 10 yrs ago w/ the eat4your blood type book regemine. Mom has lupus and rhematoid arthritis and all that goes with Lupus. She still follows that diet today, she's 74 now and looks like she is 60, if even that. She sneaks a tomato in once in awhile, but sticks to your diet, thank you Dr Peter....I feel better when I follow your diet plan too....take care...Jolene

  2. Dr Peter-I followed your diet for Type A+ 10 yrs ago and lost a lot of weight(30 lbs). (What is ironic is that I had always been slim and never liked meat, but when I ate it I blew up) I am 53 yrs old now and fat again because I began eating red meat and wheat and starch. Have your book"change your genetic destiny" and this got me back on the right track......thank you


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