Monday, January 4, 2010

Help me, I think I'm falling...

"Help me, I think I'm falling..."
words and lyrics by Joni Mitchell

I was standing dead still, looking out the window to see if I could discern even the tiniest snowflake, and then crashed into the closet doors to my right.  Never even knew I was off balance until I hit the doors.  No memory of falling either.  I was looking--and then was crashing.  The point is that nothing triggered me to catch myself before I hit.  Natural off-balance reactions failed completely.  No surprise.  I test as having no vestibular function.

Woke up with my head numb and heavy-feeling on my right side, where it was hurting last night.  My ears are not hearing equally.  And I sliced my thumb last night and bled all over celery and cucumber lol.

These next few weeks might be quite rough.  The waning El Nino weather pattern is creating one huge system after another, one every couple or three days.  I'm trying a new Bach Flower Remedy combination specifically for dealing with weather changes (more on Bach and me soon).  Too bad I had not tried it before I fell!

I was quite pleased that I had a couple of good days last week.  I'm feeling better between Meniere's and Migraine attacks and that is an absolute improvement.  I'm down to all "decafs" now:  Decaf coffee, decaf tea, and I've got just one pound of real coffee in the freezer for Migraines that call for it.  My sensitivity has gone through the roof.  A cup of real coffee now would make me a babbling maniac.

I've got a couple of things on my job plate this year:  A new system by Dr. Peter D'Adamo that tailors diet and lifestyle recommendations by running a large number of pieces of data through a web-based calculator; continuing to concentrate on emotion hygiene now working with Bach Flower Remedies; resolved to memorize how to trace my energy meridians; and I'm going to cut my hair myself this year.  Really! 

This might turn out to be a year of introspection for me.  I'm good with that.  I need time to figure out more work-arounds such as the cutting-my-hair-myself thing.  No way on earth I can lay my purely busted cervical spine into the sink at the shampoo station, just don't seem to be able to find a stylist who understands the words, "I CAN'T HANDLE A COMPLICATED HAIRSTYLE."  I'll just do it all myself.  So there!  :p

I need more time to understand rocks and all the wonderful things they can do.  There hasn't been enough (or much of any really) research done on therapeutic external use of minerals so I'll continue to guinea-pig on myself.  I am having trouble adapting to how quickly my overall sensitivity is escalating and need time to figure out how to deal with that.  I'm having success with 100% pure essential oils, simple, plain and natural foods, and--yes, I'm admitting to this--I've had some success with feng shui.  But it all takes time, brain time, silent time, alone time, down time, for me at any rate.

I need more time by myself overall.  My mother is extremely resistant to cooperating.  I understand that she's grieving still.  But now she has a few friends her age, a marvelous volunteer job one day a month that she loves (perfect for a 76 year old), and I'm not going anywhere.  Time for some boundary-setting, I guess I'm saying.

I'll be posting fewer columns here as well.  Posting my stream-of-consciousness ponderings wouldn't be useful to me nor interesting to all y'all.

Hopefully, a quiet year ahead.  I most assuredly need it.  I'll bet we all do.  :)

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