Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help the Red Cross - now

Short post, but critical.

The earthquake in Haiti has made the Red Cross run dry of supplies. Time to roll up our sleeves and take out...

Some blood.

The Red Cross designated me as a "newborn donor". I'm A- (neg) always welcome by the heart patients at our university teaching hospital. They have a heart surgery program known world wide.

Now that I know my primary problems are spinal and by extension energy related, I see no reason not to resume donating blood. Yeah, it triggers Migraine but now I've got a better handle on why and how to prepare myself to minimize it. I'll discuss all of this with the nurses at the Red Cross beforehand to be sure. The nurses have always told me they could see no reason for me not to donate, from their side.  Well, once my iron wasn't high enough but only once.

Every day, plenty of people need blood. My father was given 9 pints of whole blood in the months before he died of metastasized prostate cancer. The blood didn't cure him, but it eased much of his discomfort especially near the end.

If you can, donate blood soon. I hope to get busy replacing the 9 pints my father received now.

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