Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chemtrails: Calling all conspiracy theorists!

One day about 10 or 12 years ago, the forecast here was for sparkling sunshine and clear blue skies. At lunchtime, jets flew over leaving expanding trails that left the sky overcast for the rest of the day.

The television meteorologists didn't know how to explain it to the viewers. They simply reported that the sky was clear as had been forecast, then it wasn't and they had no data to show what had happened. They did this one time. In spite of how many times it has happened since then, no one has said a word.

When some jets leave trails and some don't, when those trails expand massively, and when that phenomenon cannot be explained, something is wrong.

"A" shaped contrail??
I took this picture in April 2006

Governments around the world do things all the time. Private citizens do too and the government cannot or will not engage them. Chemically sensitive people like me get sicker and sicker when more and more chemicals are introduced into the air, water, and soil.

The video is extremely well done, haunting music with quite an expert at the sound board. Troubles me that the music runs throughout the whole thing like a B-movie. It's done to manipulate emotion and retain viewer attention. This issue shouldn't need those movie tricks.

It's beyond me why no one is able to figure out who is spraying. Many of the jets that do this are painted pure white with no identifying numbers or symbols. What airport allows egress and ingress to that kind of jet?

I've been following this issue for a long time, a very long time.   Virtually no progress has been made except that for about ten years, most of the spraying around here now occurs during the colder months.  At first, the spraying was conducted year 'round.

About 4 years ago, several of us took a break at work and watched a sky-writer plane advertise a processed meat manufacturing company.  I took a couple of pictures.  I wondered at the time what was in the spray.  Maybe it's the same substance that the jets spray. I took the pictures in September 2006. My last day before suddenly becoming disabled was two months later, November 2006.

I certainly don't know what's going on in the sky. I do know what's going on with my sensitive self. My sensitivity is getting worse.

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