Monday, January 24, 2011

The Trauma of Migraine and Meniere's Attacks

It has become clear to me over the last year, which I've spent working closely on emotional hygiene, that I've vastly underestimated the trauma of both migraine and Meniere's attacks that are part of the events.

I don't feel up to drawing a picture for you of the trauma of these attacks as I experience it.  I dealt with a combination migraine/Meniere's attack over the weekend.  I'm not over it yet another attack cycle has started.  Thanks be to God this attack appears to be migraine only and not a combination attack.

Some months ago, I determined that I would take a dose of the Bach Flower Remedy (BFR) called Rescue Remedy each time I treated an attack with medicine.  It has helped enough that I see now I should consider taking a dose for every attack whether I treat it with medicine or ride it out with complementary treatments.   I've got a good preventative medicine regimen that's reduced the intensity of the pain significantly, quite well enough to make the expense of the drugs and their side effects worthwhile. 

Attack trauma has contributed to my lack of function and neither Valium nor Effexor addresses it sufficiently.  The support I get from Twitter and Facebook friends who endure the same thing is priceless.  There's a problem when I need help immediately and no one is around and yes, this makes me needy.  I state it clearly here now.

I've got all 38 of the BFR and several extremely good books including the comprehensive The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechtild Scheffer.  This book is not for beginners but once a person is familiar with the way the Remedy system works, it's well worth a purchase.

There are hundreds of flower remedies available.  Bach Flower Remedies do not work the way any of them work.  BFRs require effort on the part of both a patient and practitioner, if one goes that route; however, for me the simplicity is so encouraging and the results so long lasting that I knew it was for me.

Right now, I'm overreacting because I've mislaid my Encyclopedia.  I've taken a dose of Rescue Remedy along with Indocin for the attack cycle that just started.  I need to make up what's called a dosage bottle but it'll have to wait until I can find my Encyclopedia.

Who knows?  One day when I'm well, I might include training as a Bach Flower Remedy practitioner when I finish my Master's in Transpersonal Studies.

As always, if anyone doesn't understand the hoopla of migraine, Meniere's Syndrome, fibromyalgia, and triggered attacks like that, I'll be glad to give you my take on it.  Please comment and we'll talk.  The comments are moderated just to keep out spam.  I'm still getting Asian porn spam and that just doesn't do it for me.  LOL

Bottom line is that I'm going to work more closely this year with the trauma aspect of attacks.  BFR Star of Bethlehem, which is one of the components of Rescue Remedy, is for long-term trauma even if it occurred decades ago.  The less trauma I experience and the more aggressively I treat what's already happened, the more function I believe I'll regain.  Every crumb of function is worth fighting for like a pit bull.

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  1. The truth about Meniere's disease

  2. Evija, I published your comment but feel the need to comment on your comment. Comments below.

    Gentle readers, only watch the video if you've got 6+ minutes with nothing else to do.

    Evija, what you are addressing in your video is a problem with diagnosis. People should never put a doctor in charge of their wellness. Doctors are for sickness.

    If a person has only 2 attacks separated by many years and was diagnosed (and vigorously treated) for Meniere's Syndrome, please put me in touch with that person and his or her doctor. I'd love to hear their stories and I'll commit to write about them here at Sparkling With Crystals.

    Maxide restored my hearing in my right Meniere's ear, restored it to normal. I was diagnosed by a fine neurotologist, surgeon and university professor who came at me determined to prove that I did not have Meniere's Syndrome. In fact, he said, I have Meniere's Syndrome.

    The difference between my situation and what you address in your video is simply that I've had hundreds of attacks. Anybody who allows a doctor to treat him or her vigorously for Meniere's Syndrome who has had only two attacks separated by many years (a key point in your video) isn't wisely managing health.

    Doctors are for sickness. We are in charge of our own health.


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