Thursday, June 16, 2011

Come Join the Fun! The Johnson Method of Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Edit: More information about Michael Johnson and
Another interesting Facebook thread. 


The Johnson Method of Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Please consider following Mary Shomon if you have any thyroid issues, think you might, or if you know someone who does. She does a comprehensive job of tackling thyroid conditions from as many angles as she can find, and she finds more every day.

If you have time, read through all the threads associated with The Johnson Method of Shooting Fish in a Barrel. This is the sort of thing we all must do to help alert each other to the dangers that lurk.

Yes, I have thyroid disease. I have eleven thyroid nodules and have had two biopsies. I expect to be referred for a third next time I see my endocrinologist.

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