Monday, June 6, 2011

Open Letter to Christian Fortune Tellers

Dear Christian Fortune Tellers:

God has not called me to suffer on your behalf; however, due to your insistence on publicizing what you believe to be the Mind of God, which in fact has proven you not to be prophets, I am suffering grievously.

If you purport to have knowledge not contained in the inerrant Word of God, such as His opinion on minorities you don't like, the date of the end of the age, and permission to burn writings of other religions for nothing more than notoriety's sake, explain your discernment process and identify your brethren who have assisted you in this process.

When you put yourself above the spreading of the Gospel, an action which is not in the Mind of God and never will be, you endanger simple praying Christians LIKE ME.

There are many people who would love to see me dangle.  They torment me when people insert themselves into the Good News and spread themselves instead of the Gospel.  It makes every day into Christmas Eve night for them.

I neither ask for nor deserve to feel frightened when any kook puts me in danger for any reason.  Just as God hasn't stopped any of you from acting like idiots, He is highly unlikely to stop anyone from doing anything including wrongdoing towards me.

I call on Harold Camping, Westboro Baptist Church, and Terry Jones to either clearly disclose the discernment process which leads you to believe your actions are the Mind of God, or to cease and desist from your current behavior which endangers the faithful like me.

Sincerely yours,

Parin Stormlaughter 

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