Sunday, September 7, 2008

E-course: Megan Oltman's "Take Back Your Life From Migraine"

One of my blogging compatriots, Megan Oltman of Free My Brain From Migraine Pain (link left also) has written a very, very good, educational E-course about migraine, free for the asking.

I signed up for "Take Back Your Life From Migraine". Of course I did! Who knows everything there is to know about migraine, except Caffeine Man whose life is so lame he has to get his bizkit going by poking Girls Who Know More Than He Does?

I will say this about Megan's course: No one knows migraine like a migraineur.

The course is a series of six Keys. They include prompts for thought, actions for improvement, and some of Megan's personal experiences. They will educate you, make you think about migraine, and for me they've given me food for blogs.

I won't give away the course in its entirety--go ahead and sign up for it! It will come through email. Take your time going through it. Take Megan's advice.

You'll learn, rest assured. If you don't already have a handle on how to manage migraine, you will. If you know or love someone with migraine, you'll have a better concept of what this thing really is.

Look for my next post to be parts of my work for Key #1: Knowledge is Power.

Come on, Caffeine Man, hit me.

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