Thursday, September 11, 2008

Megan Oltman: Take Back Your Life From Migraine Key #1

Megan Oltman of Free My Brain From Migraine Pain has created an E-course called Take Back Your Life From Migraine.

The six-step course was so good for me, I decided to share a few bits with you. Not gonna give away the course though! Sign up for it. Even if you don't have Migraine, odds are you know someone who does.

Check out her blog to sign up. Or you can sign up here.

Key #1: Knowledge is Power


From Take Back Your Life From Migraine Pain by Megan Oltman

Write about your migraines in detail. How do they affect your life? What would be possible if you had fewer? Specifically, what would you do if you had half as many migraines as you have now?

Great questions and food for thought.

If I had fewer migraines, I would...

~Play in the rain instead of watching it out the window

~Capture lightning in my hands instead of listening to it rattle the windows

~Help people whose energy is so disrupted that it disrupts mine and triggers migraine attacks and Meniere’s attacks

~Never have met some of the most intelligent and educated people I've ever known in my life

~Have to learn to say, “No” with no thought to migraine

~Write about what inspires me when the inspiration strikes instead of trying to embed it into my brain until the attack is over.

~Be proud that my children would no longer be required to say, “My mother can’t. She’s disabled.”

I expect this list to lengthen.

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  1. Hi,
    This is Liz from Migraine community thank you so much for putting my blog up.
    Both of your sites look really interesting and you seem to have many of the interests I do!
    I hope you are having a pain free day!


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