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Sparkling With Crystals: Part II: Vibration of Life

"Electromagnetism is defined as the physics of electricity and magnetism. Electrical energy flows throughout the body and is produced by the body. Magnetic fields operate within and around the body."
The World Health Organization

“You are listening to NOAA Weather Radio from the National Weather Service, broadcast live on a frequency of 162.55 megahertz...”
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I’m glad to finally bring to you Sparkling With Crystals Part II: Vibration of Life. This is the second part of a series of columns on my progress with crystals and energy medicine as complementary or completing therapies, and the progress science has made in catching up.

Last week, all the components were in place and a weather trigger–hurricane Gustav--hit me to set off a combination migraine-Meniere’s attack that I had seen looming on the horizon. Plus, I was battling a head and chest cold to beat the band. Thanks to a combination of Western medicine and completing therapy using crystals and energy medicine, I’m now more functional than I would have been at this point during any attack in the past.

How did these rocks and body movements give me quick control of the more uncontrollable symptoms until rescue medicine took over? What is the mechanism by which they operate? Do they work for everyone? Are they a cure?

No, neither crystal therapy nor energy medicine, together or independent of each other, are cures for Migraine Disease or Meniere’s Syndrome. Crystal therapy and energy medicine have given me an additional edge, more relief that’s faster than rescue drugs, and they make me feel better between attacks. They complete the relief and complement my preventative plans, which I have worked out with my neurotologist and migraine specialist. But how?? How do these things work?

The sun. Moonlight. Love. Hate. The healing of Mommy kissing a boo-boo. The restoration of our spirits from being with family and friends, or from being alone in peace and quiet. The intense deepness of energy in a green forest. That moment of time when the universe stands still and a child is born. Life itself, self-sustaining life, the spark of immortality, the Breath of God.

Energy. All of it is some form or variety of energy.

Energy flows. Sunlight drips through trees. Moonlight spills across the landscape after a cloud passes. Love glows from our very limbs, hands become warm with healing. Nature’s energy rests solidly in and above the earth, hardening the wood of trees and making fluid the waters of the oceans, swirling along side of the wind, sparkling out into space. Energy flows from man to woman and life is conceived.

Energy. It’s what crystals and energy medicine address.

Some people taste energy, some smell it, some hear it, some see it. Many who are unfamiliar with the concept of identifying energy don’t realize until they undertake energy work training that they’ve been doing it all their lives.

Some people do extensive work with energy. Some traditional paths pass down energy manipulation techniques from parents to children through the generations, for good and ill. Some people, like me, play the energy work piano by ear. Science began to study energy as it’s expressed through psychic phenomena during the 1960s but there is so, so much more to the reality of energy than simply clairvoyance, telepathy, remote viewing and psychokinesis.

Energy moves. Theoretically, it only comes to a halt at a temperature called absolute zero. Energy can be blocked, directed, formed, shot like a cannonball or blown out like an explosion. It can flood a space such as a body or an object. Certain energy can be sucked completely out leaving the shell it contained. Someday if I ever get the courage, I’ll detail the two attempts to strip my core energy, both of which failed thanks be to God. Energy can flow smoothly, silently doing its natural work. When it does become stagnant like stuffy air or when it hits a roadblock and has to turn back, the process of malfunctioning can begin and it can affect body, mind, soul, and spirit.

As I was reading and reading and reading about crystals, I came across a book by Joy Gardner called Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras (The Crossing Press, PO Box 7123, Berkeley, CA 94707, 2006). It’s an interesting book, worth checking out of the library. I’ve tried to give an overview here of the scientific information she provides, but frankly she does it better than I could. Part 2 contains succinct, extremely well-documented science about the vibrations of a human body, the best I’ve come across so far. The book was worth my money for that chapter by itself, with its charts and references, but that’s just me. The rest of the book was rather skeletal. I wanted more substance and fewer testimonials. With all the science behind her, she really could have made a whole series of these books. I’m slightly bothered that she presented so many belief systems that it appeared she had none of her own but that may not be a problem for anyone else.

Anyway, here’s a quote from page 65:
A fundamental measurement in particle physics is known as Planck’s Constant. It was defined in 1900 by German physicist Max Planck (1858-1947) who showed that, at atomic and subatomic levels, energy occurs in discrete packets called quanta. Each quantum (singular for quanta) has energy hf, where f is the frequency of the radiation as measured in h, Hertz.

Since all forms of matter are composed of atomic and subatomic particles it is safe to say that everything vibrates, and can be measured in Hertz frequencies. German biophysicist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp (born 1938), developed highly sensitive equipment that shows that all living cells emit electromagnetic waves which produce a permanent weak light in the visible range (400 to 800 nm [nanometers]) called biophoton emission. If the cells are healthy, they emit more; if not they emit less.

We have frequencies! And we glow in the dark! :D

The medical test known as an electrocardiogram (EKG) measures a human heart frequency at about 225 hertz (Hz). The electroencephalograph (EEG) measures the human brain frequency at between 0 and 200 Hz. Electromyograms measure muscle flexion frequencies between 0 and 250 Hz. According to Joy Gardner, after taking averages from around the body, a healthy person has a frequency of between 62 and 66 Hz.

Valerie Hunt, a scientist at UCLA, conducted absolutely fascinating research (fascinating if you’re an egg-head like me :D) on human vibrations. She published Infinite Mind— Science of the Human vibrations of Consciousness (Malibu: Malibu Publishing 1996). It’s been reviewed on Amazon as being over the heads of some people. Others disagree with her conclusions; however, the research stands. I’ve ordered the 2007 edition which might be more accessible to regular folks like me. I’ll let you know.

One thing is for certain: the human body does produce an ‘aura’ which Dr. Hunt was able to measure. It runs from 500 Hz to more than 20,000 Hz–how much more, she doesn’t know because her equipment only registered to 20,000 Hz. I see human auras, crystal healers rely on sensing them, many people see them without realizing what they’re looking at, and to know that science is finally measuring them is--well, gratifying isn’t a strong enough word.

More than 2/3rds of peoples’ weight is water. This next crucial bit of information relies on that fact.

The next book I want to get and read is Masaru Emoto’s The Message From Water. He’s the Japanese researcher who conducted the experiments on the effect on frozen water crystals of emotions, words, music, and essential oils.

Quote about Masaru Emoto’s research from Joy Gardner’s Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras p.208:

The water crystals seemed to respond to emotions, words, music, and essential oils. In one experiment, Emoto wrote thank you on a bottle of water and left it overnight, and by the next morning a strong symmetrical crystal pattern formed. He wrote you fool on a bottle of water and left it overnight, and by the next morning it formed a whirling pattern with a central explosion of energy...

If Emoto’s experiments are accurate, the water in your body imprints constantly from your environment. You absorb the emotions of people who are in your daily environment. You absorb the frequencies of music and other sounds and aromas in your environment. You also absorb the energies of crystals placed on your body. Researchers in England did an experiment similar to Emoto’s with an amethyst crystal, and the frozen ice revealed the pattern of tiny amethysts.

One sentence bears repeating:

If Emoto’s experiments are accurate, the water in your body imprints constantly from your environment.

That means that negative people imprint our body water, artificial electromagnetic frequencies imprint our body water, processed or low-value foods imprint our body water--EVERYTHING IMPRINTS OUR BODY WATER.

Love imprints our body water, the effects of our belief systems imprint our body water, our thoughts imprint our body water, the movements of our muscles imprint our body water--EVERYTHING IMPRINTS OUR BODY WATER.

And picture all the places in your body where you have water: blood, plasma, bile from your gallbladder, perspiration, urine, lymph flowing through your lymphatic system, cerebrospinal fluid, the vitreous and aqueous humors in your eyes, saliva, the cochleas in your inner ears (there are two ionically different fluids just in your cochleas) and others. All those places and fluids may and probably do have old, stagnant energy, non-flowing energy stored in the water unless you actively work to replace the energy. You can replace the watery fluid and that will accomplish part of it but if your organ or system is malfunctioning as it does in Migraine and Meniere's (which would cause production of energy of an incorrect frequency amongst other things), that's when a good evaluation by a Western physician is crucial. THEN explore complementary therapies.


Now, to apply this to me...and clear quartz...and energy medicine...

I’ve found very little information about the specific frequencies of crystals and minerals. Here’s a commercial manufacturer of industrial quartz crystal whose products range from 32.8 kHz to 180 MHz–quite a spread.

Right off the bat, you can see that clear quartz has a much higher frequency range than a healthy human’s 62-66 Hz. Hold clear quartz in your naturally watery hand or put it on your naturally watery body, so that your frequencies interact with the quartz frequencies, and yours go up. Drink crystal-oscillation-charged water, and the frequencies will become part of your 2/3rds body weight.

The possibilities are utterly mind-boggling.

Not all clear quartz resonates with me. Brazilian quartz does very little for me unless it includes the metal titanium dioxide (TiO2), called rutile. Tibetan and Arkansas quartz are marvelous. I have a double-terminated Tibetan growth-interference quartz that never fails to ‘fix’ me. I have a nice, big, 7 lb hunk of a rather bashed-up Arkansas single-terminated quartz whose energy I could feel through the shipping box. As a rule of thumb for clear quartz and me, the clearer, the bigger the piece, the better. :)

I have a double-terminated Arkansas quartz point that I use exclusively for making crystal-charged water. I have my Aqua Aura point–very small but very powerful. Don’t know where the quartz originated but it if was Brazil, then it would be consistent that the addition of the gold metal coating would potentiate it. TiO2 potentiates Brazilian quartz for me so gold might also. Wish there was more research to explain why that’s so, and more research into the frequencies of people and crystals.

Wouldn’t it be grand to go to a complementary therapist, get your average frequency, then have the correct crystals prescribed? Crystals that would put you back into the correct range, or would put the troubled area back to normal?

Crystal healers do this by intuition now but like many in non-standardized medicine, they work subjectively. I was fortunate beyond belief that the crystal healer I know is superb, utterly superb. He knows me, he knows crystals, and his recommendation that I start with clear quartz was spot-on.

Clear quartz has stabilized much of my malfunctioning energy system. It has given me a handle on pain (wouldn’t I LOVE to know the frequencies of pain!). Clear quartz provides a steady source of usable energy for me, energy which I must have to live. Yeah, I have to assimilate it before I can use it but it’s easier than processing the energy from a tree. :D

The (b) part of this article will cover energy medicine, the art and science behind moving energy in and around the body. Anyone can do it–yes, even if you can’t see or sense energy, you can move it. You’ll notice a positive difference afterwards even if you don’t feel the energy moving, and that’s what counts.

Crystals and energy medicine...the wave of the complementary medicine future.

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  1. I am fascinated. I've always loved crystals - well, how could you not? But never explored this. Will you tell us more specifically about how you use them?

    - Megan


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