Friday, November 7, 2008

The Green Demon of Migraine and...crystals

"Just one more,
Just one more,
One more rock and you'll be CURED!
Cured of Migraine forever!!" *poof*


At least I have a handle on pain now. Slowly but surely, I'm attacking the four phases of Migraine. Through crystal therapy (and reduced nerve inflammation through chiropractics) the number of attacks that I must medicate has gone down significantly. Through the preventive medication and supplement program I'm on, the aura phase is decreasing in intensity. I'm doing better, I would say! Yes, I'm feeling better.

I'll have'em whipped before you know it, all the phases. Whipped, but not cured. We need RESEARCH to find a cure for Migraine. It matters little that a migraineur may have a management plan that works. As long as there are attacks to be managed, Migraine isn't cured.

"You can do it!
You can do it!
If you put your mind to it!
If you put your mind to it,
You can do it! Do it! Do it!"

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