Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Sensitive's Dream: You-Made-it?! Breakfast Sausage

Ahhh, the simple foods we loved! Years ago when I determined that processed meats (and processed foods in general) were causing me multiple problems, I began a quest to recreate the simple foods we loved that today contain food additives that cause me problems.

Food additives trigger Migraine attacks and Meniere's attacks in me, upset my stomach, cause heartburn at times, drive up the volume of the 24/7 tinnitus I live with, and just make me feel dreadful overall. Not quite a year ago, I ate a fast-food meal at a venerable institution here in this part of the country, Jack's Hamburgers, and the chemicals burned my esophagus and made the skin peel off my lips. Salad and a milkshake--salad and a milkshake...I've never been able to determine what was in those things I ate despite my efforts. Years ago I did some show-business work with the man who created some classic advertising for Jack's...didn't drop the name when I was inquiring about the nutritional information. Perhaps I should have...

Here's a picture of my maternal grandmother (b. 1895) and her five daughters. She always made her own sausage, so my mother (the little tike with my Gma) says. My mother lived on meat from their smoke house until she was 7 years old, when the family moved "into town" from the deep rural countryside. There were 8 siblings who lived to adulthood so counting my grandmother, 9 of them lived a very simple, live-off-the-land lifestyle. Estimating the age of my mother, I imagine this pic was taken between 1938 and 1040. No one knows who took the pic.

Below is my version of pork breakfast sausage. No food additives and my family LOVES IT. Experiment with the seasonings as you wish. One day I plan to make an "Italian" sausage variation with fennel and caraway seeds, omitting the sage. I'll post the recipe when I've got it right.

The more food I make myself from recipes traditional in my family, the better I feel. "Love food" nourishes the body as well as the soul.

I nursed my children, watching them grow strong and healthy on the love from my own body. The joy of nourishing all my family with recipes from the Sparkling Kitchen overwhelms me with a grateful spirit.

I plan to leave the "post time" and date as-is. I'm in the aura phase of a migraine attack and it may be some time before I can get the recipe itself posted. Right now, today is 11/13/08 and the time is 5:36PM. Sorry So Short (SSS)--

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