Thursday, August 13, 2009

New interpretation of my Sun in the 8th House of Death and Sex

Edit: unreal--I just discovered that my Venus conjuncts my Mars today. No WONDER! XD

Heeheehee! This is funny! And accurate too!

There are men out there doing gymnastics to get my attention. In vain, and I'm sorry. That's not what's funny or accurate. It touches my heart. Men touch my heart. Men, touch my heart. Or my hands. Or my ...oh never mind... XD

I recently received a new interpretation of my Sun in the 8th House of Death, Taxes, Sex, and other Metamorphic Processes. In my birth chart, that's the House where my Sun appears with my correct birth time. With the wrong birth time it was in my 7th House (and I believe I've figured out where the wrong time of 3:15PM instead of the correct 2:18PM may have come from--my dad the Navy CPO and our resident timekeeper. He always considered Daylight Savings Time to be the more accurate method of timekeeping--he called it "sun time"--and would frequently comment on things happening in "sun time" compared to Standard Time. He would have thought nothing of telling me that I was born at 3:15PM because it would have been what he considered accurate "sun time". Just a thought but I'll bet that's why. Of course, the 3-minute difference is another mystery. Maybe it was 3 minutes before I started breathing?).


I have recommendations now in the astrology department: Book called The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest, copyright 1988 Seven Paws Press, PO Box 82, Borrego Springs, CA 92004 (yeah, ninth printing!), and his online mostly computer-generated "The Sky Within" report. Get the report directly from his website It's available other places but for more money ($20 at his website) and you'll get it by email much more quickly from his website.

I've ordered it twice, once when I thought 3:15PM was correct and now with the correct 2:18PM time. Some of the information didn't change (outer planet houses weren't affected by the time change). The most interesting change was how Venus, my correct "chart ruler", affects my 8th House Sagittarius Sun (before with the wrong time, my chart ruler was Mercury since I had Gemini Ascendant. Now, correctly, I'm Taurus Ascendant).

Steven Forrest's report suggests that sex is more important to me than perhaps I ever knew. Well, no one knows how important sex is to someone who has been a sworn celibate since March 15, 1991, at 7:00PM [but who's keeping up, right? ;) ].

Here's a quote from his report:

You have lessons here. Let's consider them.

With the Sun in the Eighth House, you can't learn what you've come into the world to learn without the catalytic effect of a lover upon you... and whether or not you and that lover are married is irrelevant. The point is that many of your deepest lessons lie in the steamy realm of committed sexual intimacy.


Somebody else has been trying to convince me of that for not quite 2 years. Have I really got a "Somebody screw me PLEASE!! Right now!!" sign on my back?

I've indeed defined myself by sexual boundaries, but by being a sworn celibate. I've got a civil divorce (man, what an oxymoron) but in my belief system, I would need a Church annulment before I'd be free to present myself as "available".

I know I've been hiding behind that need for an annulment all these years. I wonder if I'm ready to look into it now?

What a scary thing to look into, getting back into the dating game. Can't think about it right now. Head is hurting way, way too bad.

There was a thread on a bulletin board about how a person "cured" his/her Migraine Disease by "getting laid regular". Sheesh. If that's all there was to it, no married folks would have Migraine. My ex and I were three-times-a-day folks and it didn't cure our Migraine--we're both Migraineurs.

If you have any interest in astrology and how your birth chart might shed light on your life situation, consider checking The Inner Sky out at the public library. Heck, public libraries are free. Free is good.

I'm not free. But I'm worth it. ;-*

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