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Sharethis: Flu vaccine questions linger | The Citizen Online

Simul-posting. And taking a few days off.


The article's author, Ben Nelms, says later on not to take anything in his piece as "gospel truth". I make the same recommendation.

I too spent a while yesterday, time I should have been resting my left arm (connected to that displaced C-6 vertebra), coming to the same conclusions that Ben Nelms did.

When I had read through many articles including a monastery website in Spanish, comparing English subtitles to audio on an hour-long Spanish video made by an M.D. & PhD Benedictine nun and attempting to locate documents many documents including on the World Health Organization's website (which would not load), I had to stop.

I was too horrified to go further.

Ben Nelms wrote the attached Sharethis article that the section below is quoted from. I did not write it.

"...All this brings up another point. Respected medical researcher Len Horowitz along with Austrian journalist Jane Burgermeister (you won’t find any reference to these folks in the major U.S. media) have recently filed lengthy affidavits claiming a conscious effort by the U.N., World Health Organization, some international bankers, the U.S. government and some big pharma companies to intentionally corrupt the novel H1N1 vaccine with components that would have killed untold millions of people worldwide.

As outrageous as this sounds, the claims by Burgermeister and Horowitz came after it was verified earlier this year that a shipment of 72 kilograms (158.4 pounds) of vaccine component material sent by a Baxter lab in Austria to a lab in the Czech Republic for inclusion in the H1N1 vaccine contained live H5N1 avian flu virus (H5N1 has a current death rate of 63.5 percent, as opposed to the less than one-half of one percent rate from H1N1).

Fortunately the “mistake” was caught by a Czech lab technician. This potentially catastrophic “mistake” was covered extensively by the European media, but not here. Fox and CNN were virtually silent. Naturally.

So, Baxter potentially contaminates the vaccine, WHO a couple of months later turns around and gives the company manufacturing rights, then issues a Level 6 pandemic that triggers law-enforceable protocols with nearly every nation on the planet (including the U.S.)..."

According to the video made by the Benedictine nun, it was an absolute quirk of fate that the Czech lab even double-checked the vaccine. There was no requirement nor even a standard practice for the double-check to be done. She explained the testing that was done and why the results were astounding.

It appears that the pharmaceutical company Baxter says that the 72 kilograms of vaccine shipped from a Baxter facility in Austria to the Czech Republic were not intended for human consumption. But the shipment was for HN1N human vaccine. The nun carefully explains what the contamination was and why it would have created the world-wide catastrophe that we now do not have in November 2009 had it been injected into people as it was labled. The shipment-testing event occurred in February of this year.

Yeah, an hour long video of a nun giving a class, in effect.

Would that I was qualified to get the New England Journal of Medicine so I could read their articles about the flu vaccine contamination situation. That publication has done reputable reporting, according to what I was able to find.

My biggest problem with Jane Burgermeister is her website. Nothing wrong with wanting help to carry forward her lawsuits. Many posted articles are full of numbered foot- or end-notes but there is no way to determine foot or end because the notes are nowhere to be found. The feeling I got from her site was that it had been designed for maximum sensation. That's perplexing because she apparently has evidence on her side anyway.

I plan to write to my Congresspersons. I want to know what they have to say about all this.

And yeah, I'll pay a fine or go to prison if necessary because I will not take this H1N1 flu vaccine. I may never take another vaccine again.

My mother and I were discussing this. She put it succinctly: "Who can you trust anymore?"

I now must crash with Mineral Ice on my neck and back.

Flu vaccine questions linger
Flu vaccine questions linger | The Citizen Online

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