Thursday, November 12, 2009

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The author of the attached article, Michael H. Brown, is an investigative journalist. Until a rather dramatic personal experience at Medjugorje, Ukraine (where the Blessed Virgin Mary is said to have been appearing daily to certain seers since 1981) which moved him to return to the Catholic Church, he was best known for the intense investigative work in which he exposed the Love Canal environmental contamination disaster. He wrote a best-selling book about Love Canal and the human misery and deaths directly attributed the still-unresolved disaster. He is reliable, thorough, non-sensational, and trustworthy in his investigative reporting. His opinion about the nun (about whose video I blogged myself), as he explains in the article, refers to her personal opinions on certain women's issues and not her credibility.

Please read the article. Please take your time. It is tedious in places and took all the concentration my poor disabled foggy brain could gin up to get through it once. Be aware that the article is deeply steeped in belief-system references. None of the belief system references has anything to do with the specific issues around the safety of the H1N1 vaccine.

Navigating through and fully understanding everything he has to say will have to come another day for me when my eyes can focus and my brain can line up thoughts orderly. This blog column has taken me two hours to write. I'm out of useful minutes for today.

To anyone who so desires to comment, I certainly would appreciate the discussion. This is an extremely important subject and the work on it absolutely must continue.

Nun-Physician Who Attacked Vaccine has Controversial Past but Raises Questions
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