Monday, November 23, 2009

Sharethis: Migraine Increases Likelihood of Stroke - US News and World Report

Heeheehee! Oh heck yeah, I'm a spoil-sport! An article about STROKE RISK on Thanksgiving!

Yeeebuddy, you got that right. When you're a walking stroke waiting to happen like I am, you don't get time off for holidays from vigilance.

The study appears to have missed the two most crucial bits of information that could have been gleaned had anyone thought to look for them: whether the stroke sufferers had taken any triptan therapy in the preceding 48 hours, and whether any were on Migraine prevention medication (or medication with Migraine preventative effects). I believe triptans may contribute to Migraine progression (including contributing to strokes) but without tracking it or mining it out of previous studies we won't know. All we'll have are the prescribing information warnings and contraindications from the drug manufacturers.

Hmmm...that might be a good project: to put links to all the triptan prescribing information here on this blog.

Full disclosure: I have prescribed for me a triptan called Axert, but not for Migraine. Triptans do not provide any Migraine relief for me. I've been diagnosed with cluster headaches for which Axert is a miracle and they're what the doc prescribed Axert for. I've needed fewer than 12 doses in the last 18 months, one of which I took this week. One Axert and the cluster cycle is busted. That is utterly amazing. Cluster headaches are also called "suicide headaches" because that's an apt description of how they affect some of us. I have no other triptans and they are not in the Migraine portion of my doctor-and-me-drawn-up management plan.

I'm not totally opposed to triptan usage. I believe it should not be the first rescue medication a person reaches for in an attack and I believe it should not be written into Migraine management plans that way. The much-maligned health insurance industry frequently limits the number of doses of triptans that they'll pay for in a month's time. I can't help but wonder if that's because triptans are not harmless. turkey, or tofurduken if you're Weird Al, rest after dessert, take a nice long walk in the fresh air, and know that the Sparkling One is thankful that you read her thoughts.

Wait...that doesn't sound exactly the way I mean it...some people do read thoughts...never mind, the dressing's getting cold. XD

[Article at least number 1,801 Editorial note] Migraine Increases Likelihood of Stroke
Migraine Increases Likelihood of Stroke - US News and World Report

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