Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Three-day Migraine attack...first in a while

Possible triggers: storm system to our west, tropical storm Fay to the east, anxiety over the anniversary of a significant death

Three day migraine attack in progress and this is day 2. It's been a while since I had a three-day migraine attack so psychologically, I feel good even though physically I feel dreadful.

I'll start a ticker to track the days between medicated attacks once this is over. Yes, I had to medicate this attack last night and I'm fixing to medicate again. One of the crystals for the weather-sensitive is moss agate. Gonna get it out and see what I can do. Blue chalcedony is another crystal for the weather-sensitive.

I've gotten questions about resources for beginning crystal users. I ordered The Crystal Healing Pack by Judy Hall from Amazon and was beyond pleased with it. It comes with twelve crystals that are nice-sized and quite good in quality--I can't reproduce that collection of crystals in that quality for the $19.95 cost of the kit. The book in the pack, Crystal Healing, also by Judy Hall, is one of the best small-sized resources for using the twelve crystals that I've come across. Practical and straight-forward, I've found it superior to more metaphysical works when it comes to sheer usefulness. The Crystal Healing Pack has a five-star rating on Amazon too.

I've bought kits for my daughters and have given the kits to friends. All their reports have been favorable.

AS ALWAYS: sift the information in The Crystal Healing Pack through your belief system. I found only a couple of things that wouldn't be useful to me. It's a very down-to-earth, modern resource and the crystals themselves are worth more than the price of the kit.

One note - because of the size, the crystals may need cleansing more frequently than perhaps a larger stone might need it. As the Crystal Healer told me, the more you work with them the easier it will be to tell when they need cleansing. Crystals are like computer chips (oops--giving away information from my next crystal article!). They are programmable and store information well. When used for healing they collect human energy of all varieties. They'll get full though and will also collect skewed energy (known as negative energy, but I've found that any energy that's not the correct frequency for your body or particular organ will build up even if it isn't 'negative'). Some crystals will amplify energy and might return amplified, skewed, illness-related energy to you if they're not cleansed after use for healing. Don't want any of that!

The Crystal Healing Pack and other works by Judy Hall are in my Amazon widget on the left for convenience. Any place you get it from--it's a fine place to start.

I'll be back at 55% once this migraine attack is over. Oh yeah, I'm only at 55% on the best days. That's disability for you. Love the disabled in your world. They might someday learn about crystals and then be able to help you in return. :)

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