Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is What Life's Meant to Be

I published an older version of this poem on my sister blog, The Carmelite's Habit. I knew I had revised it but couldn't find the newer version.

Brain fog won that time. The older version made the blog.

When I found the newer version I wanted to share it, but debated how to do it. I decided that it's important to me to illustrate brain fog when it happens to me because it's a serious problem. Migraine and Meniere's both create serious episodes of brain fog. Science has not adequately explained the mechanism that causes it. Donna Eden's Four Memory Pumps energy exercise does a marvelous job of clearing it, at least until the next time it hits. Wish I had thought to clear the fog!

Here is the newer version.

This is What Life’s Meant to Be

Migraine’s blowing up my head,
Throwing up inside the bed,
Daddy’s dying way downstairs,
Migraine does not give a care.

I have Job’s friends for my own,
Never miss a zinger known.
They’re impatient for my doom,
Eying things inside my room.

I can’t even reach a drink,
Medicine’s beside the sink,
No more covers on the bed,
Now my face is turning red.

“May I take your picture dear?”
Can’t believe that’s what I hear,
Mother wants the world to see,
What her daughter’s come to be.

No more reason left to live,
No more love in me to give,
Let me die, just let me be
This is all life’s left for me..

Darling, Daddy’s very old,
He’s got cancer, truth be told,
I will change your bedclothes now,
See? Bed’s all fresh from stern to bow.

You have ditched your evil friend,
Water’s gone around the bend,
Here’s a glass of nice cool drink,
Will you need an ice pack, think?

Here’s your medicine and mask,
Closed the blinds before you asked,
Soft caress, exquisite love,
I shall make you sing, my dove,

Soon I'll lay you down with me,
We shall see what love can be,
Close your eyes and smile for me,
This is what life’s meant to be.

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