Saturday, August 30, 2008

If anyone needs another reason to wary of steroids...

I gotcha steroid warning right here.

I have finally turned the corner on a ferocious head and chest cold, the first really bad one I've had since Sept 11th. I hardly ever get colds. Before the Sept. 11th cold, I had pneumonia in 1992. Before that...can't remember.

On August 8th, a radiologist called for an ambulance to take me to the ER for an allergic reaction to gadolinium contrast dye I'd had for an MRI. The ER doctor was quite solicitous and loaded me up with IV steroids and a steroid breathing treatment, this after the radiologist (also quite solicitous) had given me IV steroids. I was about as full of steroids as I've ever been, I guess.

Steroids stop allergic reactions by depressing your immune system and that suppression lasts for a long time. When I was released from the ER, I was in a state of truly depressed immunity. And, when Elder Assistant Offspring came home from university with this cold, I had no real way to fight it.

I was too sick to shower. I was too sick to get to a doctor. I have coughed my head off and lost sleep from the terrible pain in my sinuses and bronchial tubes. Anxiety triggered a migraine attack and the stress of it all triggered a Meniere's attack.

What made the difference, I believe, was crystal-charged water. An artificially-produced quartz crystal called Aqua Aura makes a good mineral water for colds. Aqua Aura is a quartz crystal or cluster that has a pure gold coating, held on by only the electric charge of the crystal, that will neither wash off nor can be scrapped off. The two components, gold and SiO2, make for very powerful oscillation medicine. Much, much more about mineral waters, recipes, and ideas for usage in Part III of Sparkling With Crystals.

I drank Aqua Aura mineral water 8 ozs at a time (I DO NOT recommend this for everyone--I was sick, terribly sick, and quartz is my stone anyway) and rinsed my sinuses with it. I put my Aqua Aura crystal (a double-terminated generator--both ends) on my neck where my throat was sore. My swollen tonsils vanished in 24 hours--the swelling did, I mean!

Sorry I'm delaying Part II, the science issue, of Sparkling With Crystals. Until I feel better and these hurricanes go away, I'm rather distracted.

If prayer is in your belief system, please pray for us down here in states that border the Gulf of Mexico. Memories of Ivan, Wilma, Katrina, and Rita are haunting us. All good thoughts are gratefully welcome.

Several different mineral waters charging in the sunlight

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