Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gads! I'm Homolateral! or No Wonder This is Taking so Long

"If this has been going on for a while, your body isn't going to want to stay this way [in the corrected state]. The body wants to revert back to the pattern that's been sustaining it, even if it's not for its highest good."
Donna Eden, Energy Medicine the Essential Techniques dvd, on retraining brain energies

I'm...uhm...homolateral. It explains this energy mesa I'm dancing around on top of, and why I've been taking three steps forward and three steps back for several months. And I'll bet this is why I don't seem to have a "hand of preference" for crystal work. And why some other incorrect energy situations exist in my energy body.

My energies don't seem to be crossing from my right brain hemisphere to the left side of my body, and from my left brain hemisphere to the right side of my body. At least, the flow doesn't stay "fixed" even though I've fixed it over and over and over.

All sorts of nerve impulses travel from your brain on one side to your body on the other side. A stroke in the left side of your brain can cause paralysis on your right side, for example. I'll bet everyone remembers the picture of the nerve pathways of your optic nerves, an X as seen from overhead. Your body energies do the same sort of movement from one side of your body to the other, as I am learning.

If you routinely continue to push yourself once you've run out of steam, or if you become chronically stressed, your energy body sort of "burns" into itself a wrong compromise of running the flows up and down vertically instead of moving the flow in an X pattern or figure 8 pattern like it should normally.

That compromise, according to Donna Eden, is hard to overcome.

She says that if you don't feel like you're getting everything from the energy exercises that you feel like you should be, if the basic "cross-over" exercises seem to make you feel more tired, it could be that your energy body has deeply set itself into a vertical, homolateral flow pattern.

And I was afraid I was getting sicker.

Donna Eden's Energy Medicine Kit, where I began with her system, has a brief mention of this phenomenon and an exercise to overcome it. But it wasn't until now since I've started to dig into this energy medicine deal that I've found a further explanation of it that makes sense to my own poor, tired, ragged energy body. I'm reading her 10th Anniversary Edition of Energy Medicine, Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality, (c) 2008 Penguin Group (USA) Inc. 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014. I'm studying the dvd produced as a visual aid to accompany it Energy Medicine The Essential Techniques, (c) 2008 Innersource

Now, I understand. Nothing is an overnight solution, not for me. There does not appear to be any overnight solution to my energy body woes. Is there an overnight solution to any of my situations? Doesn't seem to be.

I am going to have to practice this "fix" daily, several times a day, and reinforce it with changes in how I move around, for a while. I'm bummed because I wonder if this damage is permanent?

Is my energy body just ridiculously fragile? Has it been heinously abused? Will I ever be right again? Was I ever right to begin with? XD

I'm glad that her energy medicine system can run concurrently with everything else I'm doing. I have no plans to talk to my docs about stopping any of my meds. I'm just trying to regain function right now. Having an hour here and an hour there where I can blast out columns for these blogs, sharing all this with all of you, isn't functioning. I'm progressing but so slowly that I'm getting discouraged.

I want a life again.

The other night I dreamt that I was attending some sort of social function with prominent women business leaders that I won't name. I looked mahvelous dahling, and was at the top of my game. Not like old times though. This dream was of better times to come. Emotionally I awoke exhilarated.

Wish fulfillment dreaming? Oh sure, probably. I miss the days when I could handle business social functions with aplomb.

But it showed me that I still want to, that the desire is still in me.

Figure 8s. Gotta make figure 8s. That's one of the ways energy moves through your body as a whole, through limbs, through organs, according to Donna Eden. Make figure 8s with your body and it reinforces the energy crossover flow fix.


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