Sunday, March 29, 2009

Magic Pill! Magic Pill!

Doesn't exist, I'm afraid. It is a genuine myth.

Some myths are in fact real. Magic wands do exist. Magic music is real. Magicians are real. I will forever be in love with the world's most fantastic magician, my walking god. Not to scandalize anyone but that's what they call him, his friends do. Someday...

But a Magic Pill for chronic illness is a myth.

I read an article on's Adrienne Dellwo's Fibromyalgia & CFS Blog about the mythical Magic Pill. doesn't participate in free linking to articles or I'd point you there.

It caught my eye because I'm again looking at the real possibility that I may never get well, healthy the way I was Before. I wrote here about discovering that my energy frequently flows in a homolateral pattern and backwards from the normal way it should be flowing. Energy flows and moves around just like blood circulates and air is respirated. If an energy body establishes an incorrect flow as a compromise to keep the rest of the bodies going then making a lasting correction is difficult, the way Donna Eden explains it.

I'm on a clear quartz diet for now. Clear quartz is what the Crystal Healer told me to start with and it always makes me feel better. He told me to keep clear quartz with me at all times. I'm drinking clear-quartz-charged water, wearing clear quartz, and only adding wearing labradorite because it really, really helps my thyroid.

After September 11th, the news media reported that everyone was going to have to learn to live in the New Normal. New security rules, new awareness levels, new ways to be.

I'm going through another phase of finding my private New Normal, I guess. It's discouraging. I had another combination Meniere's/Migraine attack yesterday along with the tornadoes and cold front. Still dealing with the depressive dip that I get with Migraine attacks.

Chin up! Clear quartz is really, really pretty and sparkly and inexpensive. The cluster at top of this page is quartz. Quartz clusters are beautiful in the sunshine.

Someday I'll be beautiful in the sunshine again.

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