Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In Order to get Your Comment Published on SWC

This is the sort of post I hate to write: Short, scolding, and in the midst of a Migraine attack; however, it must be done.

In order to get your comment published on either of my blogs

  • Leave off all URLs. The odds of getting a comment published here that directs traffic to another site are slight. Not completely outside the realm of possibility, but almost. Know too that I check the blogs of commenters with whom I am not familiar whose usernames link to their blogs. It is nothing personal if I do not post a comment due to a blog. It could be someone's comment on the blog that caught my eye rather than the blog content.
  • Check spelling and grammar. Compose your comment on a blank word processing document ahead of time, for example, and then copy and paste. I write. I am painfully familiar with dramatic license and other techniques to heighten tension and emphasize points. If you are not familiar or so trained, don't try it and complain that I won't publish your comments.
  • Leave off unsupported science, "weasel wording", and testimonials about doctors, treatments, and protocols. Refer to this list's first bullet if you wish to support your science with a URL.
  • Please don't ask me to marry you, bear your children, attend your function, remind me that I'm the anti-christ, or anything of those natures through comments. I am unlikely to publish complaints that I've deleted a comment without responding either.

All comments on my blogs are moderated and will remain so.

I will continue to use Wikipedia at will. It is a starting point for research, not any sort of definitive answer.

I have been rubbing my forehead with the massage end of my rutilated quartz wand for all the day that my forehead hasn't had cellophane tape on it. Not only are the nerves in my head inflamed and painful to the touch but I've got a twitchy muscle that's uncomfortable. Fine with me if it looks weird to have a piece of scotch tape on my forehead. It makes the muscle quit twitching and feel more comfortable.

I'm drinking amethyst, moonstone, green aventurine, rose quartz, and aquamarine/heliodor/snow quartz-charged water. Folklore has it that this combo will improve my patience. I believe I need to drink more of it.

The hearing in my right Meniere's ear has just gone down by about 50%. The tinnitus I live with 24/7 has vanished too. Rotational vertigo is imminent.

Pounding pain has begun above my left eye.

Good night. Thanks for reading.

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