Thursday, March 12, 2009

Putting Our Heads Together Poetry Contest 2009! Deadline 4/17/09

Now this is down my alley:

Putting Our Heads Together Poetry Contest 2009!

Teri Robert, the USAs Number One Migraine and Headache Patient Advocate, has this information on her Heathcentral MyMigraineConnection site.

It's a poetry contest!

Click on the links at the bottom of Teri's page for more information.

Self expression is crucial to my being. Cannot WAIT to get started writing.

Actually, I've got one started already...something that happened Monday morning of this week...wrote about it in metaphorical poetry form. :)

Just a short note today since this month-long attack is still in progress. Complicating it is a geomagnetic storm in progress. Just got an automated phone call from about it. Solar flares, solar storms, geomagnetic storms--all consistent, non-stackable, stand-alone triggers for me.

Will post about that in a day or so when this subsides. Off to take more meds and crawl underneath rocks before the pain gets too bad again.

Write poetry! Feel better! :D

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