Monday, June 29, 2009

New data-mining study - Sharethis: Women's migraines linked to higher stroke, heart attack risk -

Interesting article. Do read, everybody, because even if you don't have Migraine, odds are you know someone who does.

Others have opined on the results of this data-mining study so I'll refrain except to say this: Anyone who tells you, "These results are nothing to worry about" should always add "unless they apply to YOU."

To recall a parallel situation:

Thalidomide was only a birth-defect problem for an extremely limited demographic group:
  • Women who were pregnant and who took thalidomide
Now that's a small group of people. Nonetheless, thalidomide-related birth defects were, are, and will continue to be extremely serious and worthy of the most stringent prescribing restrictions (after being removed from the market for years, thalidomide is being researched once again for issues unrelated to pregnancy).

This article is clear about the small group of people who should be concerned about the conclusions from the data mining. But, if you're a woman who sustains attacks of Migraine with aura once a week or more often, you're one of those women.

I am one of those women.

Data mining: frequency of Migraine with aura attacks connected to cardiovascular events
Women's migraines linked to higher stroke, heart attack risk -

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