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Envy Me, or Hades Moons Attract: Sharethis

"...but the thrill we've never known
Is the thrill that'll getcha when you get your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone."
artist Dr. Hook

Ah, envy me gals: A Rolling Stone magazine subscription promo consisting of a trial subscription that includes--a handbag with Johnny Depp on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

And the bag is mine, all mine! Well, it's really Aikichik's (thanks for modeling honey!) but we live in Castle Anthrax and have raised sharing our stuff to a sacred state.

And speaking of Hades Moons...Johnny Depp has a Hades Moon. Here's a link to his chart in the Astro-Databank maintained by Johnny Depp is only 3 years younger than I am so outer planet signs aren't as significant as House placements. His Capricorn Hades Moon is in his 6th house and his Jupiter is in his 9th house, like both of mine are, and he has the Taurus/Scorpio axis on his angles (his is the IC/MC angle and mine is Asc/Desc).

IMDB has an in development page for a movie version of the 1960s TV soap opera show Dark Shadows. On behalf of those of us who ran home from school as fast as we could to catch Dark Shadows every day, you're welcome for the link to Wiki.

So what has this to do with Johnny Depp? Rumor has it that he is more than interested in playing Barnabas Collins in the Dark Shadows movie, scheduled for 2011 according to IMDB. According to the Wiki article, Johnny Depp was so obsessed with Barnabas Collins that he wanted to be him. I understand. I wanted to be Doctor Julia Hoffman. There's a reason that Wiki deems Dark Shadows to be a cult series. To me Johnny Depp certainly exhibits Hades Moon characteristics. It's said he has a working electric chair in his living room.

That's one Hades Moon trait--our obsession with obsessions, frequently Dark ones. Birth charts do not make us what we are, but they certainly provide a convenient way to understand ourselves.

There's another person in the Dark with whom I share some natal chart similarities: Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the exorcist for Rome who has written the new top two books on my Amazon "Important" list (on left). No matter who you are, if you work with demons or have never dealt with them in your life that you're aware of, everyone should read those two books. People who work with demons frequently have little factual knowledge of how the Church sees the subject, people with Hades Moons who are just curious about exorcisms will appreciate Fr. Amorth's straightforward, non-superstitious information, and every Christian needs reminding. All good, the way I see it. And go disinter a life, anyone who thinks I'm picking a fight. Sheesh. Just move on.

One of Fr. Amorth's favorite movies? The original The Exorcist. True. He says it's quite accurate although the special effects are a bit exaggerated.

Fr. Amorth does not have a Hades Moon (link to his Astro-Databank chart here); however, he and I both have our Suns in the 8th House of death, sex, and the occult (and inheritances, legacies, taxes, and things of metamorphic processes of all sorts) which is ruled by--Pluto of Hades Moon fame. He and I have the Cancer/Capricorn axis on our angles (his is MC/IC and mine is IC/MC). His 8th House cusp is Taurus so he's "right at home" in the Dark. It's where he "lives" one might say. My 8th House cusp is Sagittarius so I've got a more philosophical interest in sharing about it. His Pluto is conjunction his MC and opposition his IC. My Pluto is 115o (not too far from 120o trine) my Scorpio Desc and trine my MC.

The Vatican couldn't have picked a person with a better natal chart for his job than Fr. Amorth, at least as I see it from my kindergarten perspective.

Oh, and so everything is clear: I don't talk to demons or work with them at all and I'm not really in any sort of deliverance ministry. If you need help in this area, I recommend making an appointment with your pastor or priest.

WHAT I'M SAYING IS that we Hades Moon and others with Pluto-Scorpio-related connections live in the Dark. We're all in an eternal embrace of sorts whichever your side.

Barbossa: "So what now, Jack Sparrow? Are we to be two immortals, locked in an epic battle until Judgment Day and trumpets sound, hmmm?"
Jack Sparrow: "Or you could surrender."
POTC: The Curse of the Black Pearl

"Ophiuchus means 'he who holds the serpent' and that is how he is depicted. The struggle will last forever, since they wage it on equal terms with equal powers". [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 1, p.31]

Fr. Amorth in Messenger of Saint Anthony-please note that article content is highly belief-system intensive
Messenger of Saint Anthony - The Exorcist

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