Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Megan Oltman: Take Back Your Life From Migraine Key #3

Megan Oltman of Free My Brain From Migraine Pain has created an E-course called Take Back Your Life From Migraine.

The six-step course was so good for me, I decided to share a few bits with you. Not gonna give away the course though! Sign up for it. Even if you don't have Migraine, odds are you know someone who does.

Check out her blog to sign up. Or you can sign up here.

Key #3: Know Your Triggers


Have you ever wondered exactly what is happening during a migraine? In a migraine attack certain stimuli trigger neurons in the brain to fire off in a rapid sequence, increasing vascular pressure. This leads to head pain, nausea, dizziness, visual disturbances (aura) and in rare cases, temporary paralysis. There are many potential triggers. Common ones include:

> Bright or flashing lights (fluorescent lights are blinking in a rapid sequence and can trigger migraines for many) - Yep

> Smoke - never paid attention until now, but you better believe I’ll be on the lookout. I’m not exposed to second-hand smoke at home but I do have a wood stove. Smoke is smoke, I imagine.

> Dehydration - oh yeah, right up there

> Chemical fumes, scents - tied for first place

> Alcohol (particularly red wine) - stackable. Sometimes yay, sometimes nay.

> Hormonal fluctuations (including menstruation) - sadly, my hormones have no effect on migraine as triggers for anything except–well, on to the next one...

> Insufficient sleep, too much sleep, or changes in sleeping patterns - an impending migraine actually disrupts my sleep on its own.

> Changes in the weather (usually large changes in barometric pressure as when a frontal system moves through) - dealing with that right now in fact.

> Motion travel - moving further up the list as Meniere’s worsens

> Loud noises - soft noises, certain frequencies of noises, certain timbres of noises...

> Certain foods - (I'm not counting food additives or processed foods here--they're 'chemicals' on my list) Not so much except that I can count on garbanzo beans as a stackable trigger

> Changes in altitude, or being at a high altitude when unaccustomed to it - hmmm...never been at a high altitude except on an airplane. Need to check that one out! :D

> Sudden or drastic changes in eating habits (such as dieting) - missing meals for sure is a stackable trigger for me

> Changes in caffeine consumption - I don't consume much caffeine now but when I was a full-caffeine coffee drinker, reduction in caffeine was a stackable trigger

Not on Megan's list but also tied for First Place for me is anxiety. Stress, not a migraine trigger at all unless the stressor makes me anxious. Back when I was well, nothing got me focused at full speed like a short deadline. Now, stress triggers Meniere's for me. Anxiety triggers migraine for me. Can't win for losing.

Here are the components for First Migraine Trigger Place. They don't exert influence in this order necessarily:
  • Chemicals, fumes, additives, and crap like that
  • Energy drains and EMF
  • Noise
  • Anxiety
  • Motion, especially moving my head independently from my body. That makes a weird picture in my head but hey! It's me! ;)
  • Light, especially glints of sunlight and fluorescent lights and computer screens and my cell phone. And television.

Next lesson: Keep Track of Everything

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