Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tsing, tsing, tsing or Brother, can you spare some energy?

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It finally happened. Not the worst fall I've ever had, but a serious-enough fall nonetheless. I've whip-lashed my neck and I'm hurting. When I finally landed, I was lying on my right arm grateful because it saved my head from hitting the Pergo floor.

I had determined a while back that I wanted to explore chiropractic for my chronic situations. I'm nearly at the end of my Western medicine beneficial treatments--there is simply not much more that a Western medicine doctor can do for me other than surgery. Before I go there, from which is there will be no return for me, I determined that I would be absolutely certain in my mind that nothing else was out there to help me. This blog chronicles my journeys through alternative and complementary medicines in my quest for glowing health.

Crystal therapy and personal energy medicine work have been so good for me, I felt. My energy systems seem more stable and many things are gently drifting toward health. Time consuming, oh yeah, but getting well is my full-time job since I can do no other.

Chiropractics resolved Libchik's back injury after she was rear-ended on the local interstate beltway. She had been treated with drugs and physical therapy and progressed as far as those treatments could take her. Chiropractics relieved her pain and restored her range of motion. Aikichik's wrist problem has been resolved through chiropractics. Their chiropractor, Jerry Nesseler D.C., is a fine doctor dedicated to healing.

I checked him out sixteen ways to Sunday before approving of him for my two precious offspring. He's good.

The way I understand chiropractics, the objective is to manipulate the spine and joints to facilitate and enhance the working of the body's nerve pathways. It seems to be much more sensitive to the small deviations in the functional body than Western medicine. I was already ready to see what subtle changes Dr. Nesseler could make to help me get better. This fall brought me to his office sooner than I expected to see him.

I didn't believe I had sustained any bone fractures or organ damage that would have called for emergency room treatment. I couldn't get any better, though. I woke up yesterday in excruciating neck and shoulder pain and today got my first adjustment for whiplash, scoliosis, degenerative disease in my neck, and arthritis in my lower back.

I'm still hurting but differently than before, if that makes sense. I'll be going for daily adjustments for now. I'll let you know how it goes.

It almost didn't go at all. Dr. Nesseler gave me his opinion of the true cause of migraine, which he said was irritated nerves. If that were the case, then the triptans would be the salvation of all the migraine world, which they are not. My point was that management of the attacks is not the same as a cure. We agreed to disagree.

The MOST fascinating thing I got from today's work: confirmation that I simply do not make enough ki, or chi, or life force, or human energy, or whatever word one wishes to use to describe the energy that travels through the meridians of the body. I got an Acugraph exam, and so did Libchik.

AcuGraph is a device from Meridia Technology that measures skin conductivity directly over acupressure points that correspond to places on the hands and feet where the meridians surface, and then graphs it as it would be interpreted by a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to the website, this sort of graphing has been done manually and successfully by meter and hand-drawn charts for years. The AcuGraph creates computer graphs of the results and gives all the computer benefits of simple storing and quick retrieval of readings patient by patient.

This device recommends specific acupuncture points that will give the fastest and most dramatic results to stimulate sluggish meridians or sedate overactive ones, as well as to balance the energy in them. It can be programmed to include the practitioner's particular supplement regimens and other practitioner recommendations.

(Being a person with kindergarten knowledge of moving energy around, I know that had I washed my hands and feet with warm water or cold water before the reading the results may have been somewhat different. A knowledgeable energy manipulator, which I am not, would know how to get around that.)

I was disappointed. I had worked so hard with crystals and energy medicine. I was feeling better. But my average energy level was only 56% of what a normal person should have. Libchik was at 102%. But she's my human battery too. Libchik looked at my Acugraph reading and asked how I was still alive?

Brother, can you spare some energy? XD

I'll be analysing this report for a while. Dr. Nesseler pooh-poohed the notion that I'd ever understand the earth, metal, fire, water, and wood readings. He said 100-year-old practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine still don't understand everything about them. I just smiled and nodded. ;) He told me--gasp--that being outside in the sunshine and in nature would help build up my energy. He absolutely has got that right. Not many things are good for me like nature energy. Well, there are a few things better...gads, can't get my head out of the beehive...

My report recommended that I work on my Tsing points at home. Dr. Nesseler showed me where they are on the sides of my fingernails. This research paper written by Dr. Adrian P. Larsen, D.C. and President of Meridia Technology Inc, mentions that they're also located along the sides of the toenails.

I recommend that anyone with an interest in energy medicine read Dr. Larsen's paper. While it contains citations that I haven't yet looked up for myself, it actually contains citations of research studies to back-up the science of this AcuGraph device and the accuracy of skin electrical conductivity to measure meridian function, and citations about how meridian activity correlates to health.

What the hey? Why not tsing, tsing, tsing? :D Nothing in this report did anything but quantify and further interpret what I already knew about myself from my own self-analysis and the help of others. St. Teresa of Avila, foundress and reformer of my beloved Carmelites, was a firm proponent of knowing oneself. Carmelites work on self-knowledge throughout their lives. Edgar Cayce, the devout psychic Christian Sunday School teacher, called by some The Father of the New Age Movement, said in reading 2583-1:

First, analyze yourself. Know yourself and your purposes. Know what you believe, physically, mentally, spiritually. Know the sources of your beliefs. For in such an analysis you may find your true self.

The Crystal Healer knew what he was about when he recommended that I carry clear quartz with me at all times. Clear quartz amplifies energy.

Anyway...for now, I'm going to be getting stagnant energy released from my messed up spine and will continue working on specific meridians with crystals, which Dr. Nesseler asked if I had ever done? XD

Purple plate...he told me to Google "purple plate"...

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