Thursday, October 2, 2008

No brain surgery for now! And neurotologist is astonished!

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I have good news: I will NOT have to decide between whether to have the simpler endolymphatic sac reduction or whether to go with the recommended-but-in-the-category-of-brain-surgery vestibular nerve section.

Yesterday when I saw my most marvelous Meniere's neurotologist Dr. Benjamin McGrew to go over the pre-surgery MRI and CT scans and make final decisions, I didn't mean to gush about crystals and energy medicine but I did. Gushed and chattered and went on and on and on about them. Hey! It put him in a good mood to see me in a good mood! :D

I've made the most progress with crystals and energy medicine in migraine relief, by far, and not with Meniere's symptoms. I've got a handle on pain for the first time in 42 years of migraine battling. Dr. Breathtakingly Arrogant, the migraine specialist, told me that because I had been so badly under-treated for migraine pain all these years that the nerve pathways in my brain for pain were so deeply embedded, that I "wasn't worth [his] time to treat". Yep, that's a quote. Now, I can manage migraine attacks most every time without using any rescue medications, and that's un-freakin'-real. Not every time, and I'm grateful to have meds when I need them, but when they do the job I'll take crystals and energy medicine over prescriptions ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

When I shared this triumph and Dr. BA's quote with Dr. McGrew, he smiled and said, "Incredible!" As my body's poor fried energy system continues to heal itself, he believes, the Meniere's may begin to see healing too.

Dr. McGrew believes now that continued conservative treatment--meaning NO SURGERY!!--is the correct route to take. He believes that the Meniere's may begin to resolve itself as my body continues to heal itself. Continue preventative meds, low-salt high-potassium diet, energy medicine and crystals, and come back in six months. And continue using the cane and DO NOT DRIVE.

I DON'T HAVE TO HAVE SURGERY!!! *happy Gollum dance*

But man, the stress since my last appointment and since that ridiculous allergic reaction to contrast dye! That's what I'll share with you next post. Until then, if anyone knows how to turn down Life, please let me know.

You know who you are... :-*

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