Wednesday, April 1, 2009

She did it! She did it! She won!

Quit of being fired... ***FINAL Update 3/31***

All I have to add is YES!!!

Unrelated to this thread, I have discovered that many employers are simply unfamiliar with the law when it comes to their disabled employees.

I ran into that problem and had to fight like a m*****f***** for my rights. Not bitter, just resentful that I had to educate my own employer about what my entitlements were. Laws are what you elect your politicians for--know where your lawmakers stand on issues important to you.

FOR STARTERS if you have Migraine Disease--and even if you don't, I feel quite certain you know someone who does--consider signing up for the email updates from the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (link left too). They're working like mad people to give Migraine its fair share of federal funding for research, to improve education into this tremendously disabling disease, and other things that we may never know of because, well, they're just humble like that. :)

Be aware of your rights when the boss tries to talk you into quitting so he or she won't "have to fire you."

Must go, stress is killing me. My disability for April, that's normally direct deposited, isn't there. Can't deal, been stretching food, ears are exploding again, hearing now down in both ears, more severe weather tomorrow...

But a ray of sunshine in the battle. Whitney, you're my hero. *hugs*

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