Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sharethis: Why We Should Worry About Prescription Drug Abuse - Newsweek

This piece of idiocy is adequately refuted by the comments left by readers.

Which adolescents are being prescribed pain meds and then becoming heroin addicts?  Which baby boomers are out-of-control with pain medication?  What if the children had been properly supervised and the adults properly supported by their families and friends?

I feel a major rant coming on and I don't need it.  They make me sicker and set me back getting well.

The goofy article grabs attention by sensationalizing pain medicine use and ends up garbling something about Viagra.  The writer expects us to see OxyContin abuse in the same light as Viagra overuse??

I've got to stop or I'll be ill.  Please do read both the articles and the comments.  If you are under any impression that prescription pain medicine use is a problem, I'll link you to some solid research into the overuse effects of acetaminophen.  When this over-the-counter drug came out the television advertisements told us there was no way to ever use too much.

Acetaminophen by brand name is called Tylenol.

Why We Should Worry About Prescription Drug Abuse - Newsweek

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