Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just sharing what Migraine and Meniere's together are like

Today is a dangerous type of day.

I've slept 18 of the last 24 hours, still need sleep.  Dreamed that Diana, Princess of Wales, had been married to my old choir director's son.  She asked me to please investigate why no one will allow her to excavate the construction accident site where his remains are buried [as far as I know, IRL the man is alive and well and living happily ever after].

Then I dreamed my late father gave me $10 to buy some lobster that was on sale.  My brother and cousin weren't interested in lobster so we didn't get any.

Just did a heat/ice alternating thing on my head.  It helped the pain somewhat.  I've discovered an additional nerve in my face that is now flowing with battery acid.  One more to add to the list.

My right ear has stopped doing deep Chinese gong tinnitus.  In addition to the regular 4 tinnitus sounds, it's been screaming a high-pitched squeal since yesterday (different from the Morse Code beeps).  My left ear has taken up the deep Chinese gongs.  Disequilibrium is so bad I'm trying not to walk because I'm just crashing into the wall and furniture.

Rescue medicating on days like today is dangerous.  I keep thinking that more will be better.  More will not necessarily be better.  More of the meds I have could be very, very bad.

I'm sitting here in the dark wearing prescription sunglasses.  I can't turn off the loudest of the fans because it's 95o outside and the a/c can't keep up.  I may have to get ear plugs.  With ear plugs I REALLY hear the tinnitus.  The neurotologist diagnosed me with a level of disability from tinnitus by itself.  You can't imagine how nuts it can drive you.

I have a good glare screen on my laptop.  I utilize the Windows Vista accessibility features to make the screen less painful to my eyes.  Today those features aren't helping.  I'm typing this with my eyes closed, for all intents and purposes.  I need to get off here and I will shortly.

Many compassionate people are so understanding of pain.  But unless you have migraine, you can't wrap your mind around how stupid it is.  Really, medicating on days like today is dangerous.  The impulse is to take more and more and more medicine to make the pounding pain STOP.

I'm into complementary treatments just to fill the gap between medications and relief.  I'm going to get some rocks that I know will help until the OxyIR, Indocin, Valium, and Robinul kick in.  I'll get them just as soon as I can get up without falling.

Fifteen seconds after I stand up, my head will explode and I'll have a stroke.  Well, maybe no stroke this time but there is no way to predict which migraine will be a migraine and which one will be a stroke.  My situation includes mitral valve prolapse which, according to a long-prior neurologist who succumbed to pancreatic cancer, is likely to be spitting out tiny blood clots that are traveling to my brain.  One day, he told me, my MVP would spit out a blood clot just a tidbit too big and instead of a migraine attack, it would cause a stroke.  I'd likely die.  Pleasant thoughts but in his defense, he told me this about 6 months before he died himself so death was on his mind.

Biggest issue next to this attack is food.  I'm hungry.  But I'm not safe in the kitchen right now.  I broke off a piece of bread and had it with cottage cheese.  That's what I've had today but really, I haven't been awake very long either.  Next will be Lucky Charms and milk.  I have a can of Campbell's Healthy Request (or Choice, or something) that has no MSG.  If I feel better enough after while I 'll heat it up.  That will be a big help.

If I get to feeling better I'm going to have to make a comfrey/catnip infusion to help repair the effects of all the Indocin I've had in the last 2 days.  This particular infusion is utterly amazing for relieving the stomach pain from NSAIDs.

And, I've gained weight.  No matter the pounds, my waist still stays smaller than my hips.  That a Sagittarius Sun for you (Sagittarius rules hips and thighs).  No joke, I seriously could do with some poundage loss but officially, I'm still proportionate.  Go figure.

Just wanted to share how stupid migraine and Meniere's attacks are.  Going to try to solve this without taking any more meds for a while.  I could barely swallow the last pills I took.  My body doesn't want to take any more pills even though my brain believes I need to in order to get relief.

Those one or two distance energy healers that know who you are, if you have time to help out a poor soul, I'll pray for your intentions in return.

I am so f***** up sick. 

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