Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feeling so good about feeling so bad :)

Physical therapy resembles manure. Yeah it stinks but once it's worked in well, it's the best thing your garden soil can get.

I feel like I've been pooped-upon, in the sense of the above statement. XD

I'm so sore.  I can feel muscles that I imagine haven't been moved in a couple of decades.  Again I got manual traction.  He also did something he called "upper cervical spine release" where he actually isolated the first three cervical vertebrae and shifted and manipulated around each one separately.

It felt so good that I'm afraid I may have sounded...orgasmic.  XD

What he did last TENSday set off many of my symptoms.  Stupid stress over the worst sorts of human behavior exacerbated the situation and I had a terrible weekend.  I was upfront with him about how bad I felt.  He apparently understood what I meant. 

When we finished, I felt as much better as I had felt bad when I arrived.  I've got some exercises to do and a couple of additional ideas for improving recovery between sessions.

In looking over his educational achievements briefly listed on his business card, he appears to my uneducated eye to be about 2 years from an osteopathic doctor degree.  In another state of this Union, he would probably qualify for licensing that Alabama simply doesn't have.  He speaks with authority and his manipulations of my spine have been precise and effective.  The guy's in the right business.  He knows what he's doing.

In one pocket I had put a tumbled blue calcite and in the other pocket, a double-terminated/ET lithium quartz.  Vibrationally, calcite helps "break up" old systems that are no longer working (useful constipation treatment is clear calcite in water, or as a formal gemstone remedy).  Lithium quartz I believe will help me with my recently-developed doctor phobia.  Today, the Moon is in Taurus which rules the neck.  Things came together to make today a very, very good neck day.

Ice tonight and tomorrow, my bff Scalene the TENS unit.  Onward and upward! 

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