Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year or Please, don't anyone rescue me! :D

"...'Cause, yo, yo, we wanna know how many people in the flow,
Would like to just let yourselves go

And doowutchyalike,

Yeah, well tonight's your night..."

Doowutchyalike, Digital Underground

Happy New Year! It's gotta be better than the one we're leaving...

For the first time in YEARS I'll be totally, completely, and absolutely alone tonight, at least for a little while.

Please, don't anybody have pity and rescue me!

I'm going outside at sunset to try to catch Venus and the crescent moon in a lovely pairing in the southwestern sky. I'm going to make eggnog and put in some homemade vanilla bourbon.

If I can gin up the stamina, I'm going to give myself a full-body facial. Not many things feel as good as spa-time. And if I can do all this, it'll be amazing.

My New Year's Resolution? Oh yeah, that...

Someone I know told me recently that he sensed that I'd forgotten how to kick back and enjoy myself. After the look on my face, he asked if I had ever known how to kick back and enjoy myself? Silence from me, and he asked if I pursued responsibilities like other people pursue pleasure? I still didn't know how to answer. I'm not making this up.

Someone else once noticed that this all-work-and-no-play-Jill needed a steam release mechanism. I was too outdone with Peter Pan at the time to take him seriously.

There is this cute rap by Digital Underground called Doowutchyalike. iTunes it! Prolly better for grownups but you'll love it.

I'm not intimating that I'll be dooinwutIlike until my brains fall out (there's nothing but charcoal up there anyhow), but I'm gonna go wash my feet and not say please for a neckbone.

I'm tellin' ya, check out Doowutchyalike so these last few paragraphs will make sense!

And really, don't anyone rescue me please. I'm gonna take a bath, chill the serious mood, and do what I like, 'cause tonight's my night.

Happy New Year and in 2009, find a responsible way to do what you like. I certainly shall.

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  1. Have you been checked for Chiari Malformation? HERE ARE THE SYMPOTMS

  2. Actually, yes. No chiari malformation that the neurologist could find.

    Thanks for reading.


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