Monday, December 29, 2008

Healing the Healer: Mineral Water

They're shredding memories of 2008 in New York City, so I was told. I've got some to add to the pile. Both 2007 and 2008 have been Years from Hell.

I'm working on my New Year's Resolution for 2009 right now. I only make one per year. I try hard to make it a resolution that's possible to achieve and yet one that will improve things for everybody. Some years I do better than others. I've failed pretty miserably for the last two years! :/

Right now, I'm about through healing others for a little while. Time to Heal the Healer.

In studying crystal work, I've discovered that crystal healers tend to absorb the dis-ease of the person they're working with unless they take great care to avoid it. Even with great care, it seems to be a draining experience at times.

Healing the Healer, and stones that heal the healer, are important to preserve the health of the practitioner. Although I DO NOT practice crystal healing and don't subscribe to some procedures of the standard profession due to belief system discord, I have great respect for the value of rocks and crystals and those things traditionally considered crystals by the profession.

I'm tired right now. I've had more to deal with in this last year than I was ready to handle. Losing my father in May broke up my support system and it will take time to rebuild it. Retiring on disability in April took away 2/3rds of my income and it will take time to restructure my finances. Breaking my neck in October has left me in pain and fatigue. I am...reduced.

It's time to quit worrying about my mother and her things, and my brother's possible cancer, and my aunt (one of my father's sisters) dying of cancer. Time to put aside my daughters' friends' situations with all their marriage problems, pregnancies, deaths (Aikichik's good friend's mother died two days before Christmas) and their various inabilities to make mojo's work. They all want me to be their doctor, as my mother puts it. I've done what I can do, and I'll continue to pray. But now it's time to heal ME.

Peridot is a lovely bright green semiprecious gemstone of great value in healing the healer. It's expensive to buy as a gemstone-quality chunk bigger than a grain of rice. I rummaged through my jewelry box and found an old Mother's Day pendant with several peridot grains as well as red garnet, citrine, blue topaz, and amethyst. It's set in sterling silver. I don't believe the whole tcw is more than two carats or two and a half, and I know it didn't cost but $30 because I bought it for my daughters to give me when they were little.

I made a mineral water using the pendant and a couple of grains of yellow topaz and one grain of imperial topaz. I'll wear the pendant too for a few days--getting the frequencies inside and out that way. I'm drinking the mineral water now as I plot how to escape all the people and make more mineral water adding my crumb of clear topaz too this time. :D

Today we have sunshine, beautiful clear skies and sunshine. We should have sunshine for at least the next two days too. I am thrilled, because the dreary weather of the last two weeks has made me virtually hibernate.

But, this being Alabama and winter, nothing stays the same for long. There is a chance we could get some sleet or ice by New Year's Day or the few days after. I discovered after I had slept for two weeks that mineral water made with the sundry tourmaline varieties that I have seems to counteract some of the effects of stormy weather that deck me.

So, deck me now with lovely gemstones, fa-la-la-la-la...oh, never mind. :D

Wanna see what I look like in Migraine Hell? Abandon hope, all ye who dare to click...

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