Thursday, December 4, 2008

Help me, I think I'm falling or, Point me to your amethyst

Crystals with some of my African violet blooms, taken 10/29/08. Do flower frequencies actually transfer into crystals? Who knows! Younger Assistant Offspring, for whom I did this when she was sick in October with both mono and pneumonia, was charmed by how it looked. Worth it for that alone.

"Help me,
I think I'm falling..."
Joni Mitchell

Gah. At least I didn't get any glass pieces in my foot. :p

I have GOT to get a'holt-to this falling down business. I fell again today, broke a glass bowl on the way down, and sliced my left foot in several places. Only one cut was deep and I just really don't believe it'll need a stitch.

Prime opportunity now to share with you a recipe for home-made ice packs which were especially useful today because I had to ice all around myself. At one point I had both ice packs and amethyst points held on by ace bandages.

When I began chiropractics and acupuncture treatments, my chiro Jerry Nesseler D. C. gave me a handout with instructions for scheduled ice pack applications and directions for making ice packs. Here's a link to the directions below (no copyright on the handout but he gave me permission to blog this).

Next time, I'm going to use rock salt instead of rubbing alcohol. In crystal work, rock salt is called halite and is usually sold in big chunks. Traditionally it gives relief from feelings of guilt--when I fall or when my head hurts, you bet I feel emotionally sick as well as physically bad. The salt will keep the pack from freezing solid for the same reason that alcohol does and, along with solarized smokey quartz water, hopefully will give me even a tidbit more relief. Gotta have something to keep the cloth from freezing solid and rock salt (I'm going to use rock salt designed for making ice cream because that's what I've got) is cheap. Halite is more expensive because it's usually in a nice crystalline formation and in either in a natural tan, pink, or blue color. For that matter, maybe I'll use Epsom salts and see how that frequency makes me feel.

Right now, I'm sore and stiff. I caved and took two Aleve a while ago. This is a time when OTC analgesics are in order but I still feel like I caved. Maybe I should have taken rock salt? :)

And while we're talking about crystals...

Never have I been more grateful for having amethyst points than I was today. Amethyst has helped me with pain and swelling several times. It really takes the swelling and pain out of the backs of my hands where medical personnel like to put IV lines.

Amethyst grows in a couple of formations. Lapidaries get amethyst clusters and take them apart point by point. Amethyst points are lovely to look at, not expensive, and they make me feel very good inside and out. Today I put them in groups of three on my ankle, knee, wrist, and elbow and held them there by loose Ace bandage for a couple of hours after I took off the ice packs. I've still got a point with me as well as a smokey quartz point and a clear quartz point. Oh, and I'm drinking solarized dioptase/petalite water (those two crystals are supremely good for whatever ails me). Lovely crystals, sitting with my feet up, writing--I should do this more often except that I shouldn't have done it at ALL.

Really, it's time for me to get going on the third Sparkling With Crystals article which will have recipes and ideas for how I'm using rocks and crystals these days. Crystals have had a dramatic effect on my health. They work by using the same energy that acupuncture uses but feel totally different to me. The way I feel them, crystals create different effects than the acupuncture that I'm getting. This is preliminary, but Eastern medicine seems to be very, very good for me so far.

The sun will come up tomorrow. I'll still be sore and stiff tomorrow. Hopefully, I won't be as badly off as perhaps I would have been since I jumped right on this. Thank you, Crystal Healer. It was charitable of you to help me.

"Help me,
I think I'm falling,
In love too fast.
It's got me hoping for the future
And worrying about the past..."

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