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Mummy Food, just in time for...Christmas? :D

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We Meniere's-y types generally take or consume some sort of diuretic every day. There are several varieties out there.

A commonly prescribed one and the one I take, triamterene, can and has caused my potassium levels to drop. Triamterene is called a potassium-sparing diuretic but that doesn't stop it from depleting potassium levels any time it wishes. I was in the ER for an allergic reaction to gadolinium contrast dye the first time anyone noticed that my potassium was low. That liquid potassium replacement is disgusting. :p

In my never-ending quest to experience quests, I found an interesting food dish given by Edgar Cayce during one of his psychic events. The recipe came from a dream he had on December 2, 1937. More specific information about how to create this dish is found in Reading 1188-11:

"...It is well for this body, or growing bodies, or elderly individuals also, for strength building and for correcting the eliminations, to use this as a cereal, or a small quantity of this with the cereal, or it may be served with milk or cream:

Secure the unpitted Syrian or Black Figs and the Syrian Dates. Cut or grind very fine a cup of each. Put them on in a double boiler with just a little goat's milk in same - a tablespoonful. Let come almost to a boil. Stir in a tablespoonful of Yellow Corn Meal.

These are good..."

He recommended this combination in Reading 275-45 also:

"...10. (Q) Outline diet for three meals a day that would be best for body.
(A) Mornings - citrus fruit juices OR cereals, but not both at the same meal. At other meals there may be taken, or included with the others at times, dried fruits or figs, combined with dates and raisins - these chopped very well together. And for this especial body, dates, figs (that are dried) cooked with a little corn meal (a very little sprinkled in), then this taken with milk, should be almost a spiritual food for the body; whether it's taken one, two, three or four meals a day. [See continued recipe below.] But this is to be left to the body itself. [See "mummy in EC's "DREAMS" 12/2/37, in 294-189, Par. R2.]..."

The first thing that grabbed me is that these dried fruits are high in potassium. I mean it--I have to have a baked potato, or some combination of a banana, raisins, a quart of milk, or a full can of tomato soup (oooo YEAH) nearly every day or I'll be in trouble shortly. Now I've got a single dish that will give me a nice dose of potassium in itself, nearly as much as a baked potato with the skin so The Calorie Counter website tells me.

Really, although I love grits and cornmeal mush (you know I'm a Girl-Raised-In-The-South! XD), the thought of these dried fruits with cornmeal and goat's milk, the way Edgar Cayce dreamt, just isn't appealing. But in Cream of Wheat or Cream of Rice and with salted butter, they are.

So, below is my version of Edgar Cayce's Mummy Food made with Cream of Wheat or Cream of Rice, along with some nutritional information.


And do what you need to do to lower the Calories or sodium. I find that if I keep my potassium high, I can sneak a bit more sodium without blowing my ears out of my head.

Nice warm breakfast cereal, good fruits, sweet and buttery... Consider making it up the night before in a pre-heated thermos bottle if your mornings are busy--just pile it all in the thermos except for the butter and put the top on tight. Next morning put in the butter and it'll be ready before the coffee is.

Merry Christmas if that's a holiday you celebrate (it's mine), and warm love and happiness for all.

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  1. the thought of these dried fruits with cornmeal and goat's milk, the way Edgar Cayce dreamt, just isn't appealing.

    Try the Quaker oatmeal with figs and dates (available at any Walmart's) with milk. Okay, now try same with goats milk; I bet it'll taste quite similar.

  2. Sounds odd but tastes nice. The key feature to getting good results from Edgar Cayce's recommendations is to be faithful to them - in which, as you can see, I failed right off in making my modifications to the original recipe!

    I'll give the Quaker cereal idea some thought.

    Thanks for reading.


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