Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine flu - some links and ideas

President Obama has declared a public health emergency for swine flu. Consider the emergency the way you'd think of a hurricane emergency, he says.

In United States, swine flu has now been conclusively identified in California, Texas, Kansas, Ohio, and New York. It's in Mexico City as well. This strain is a combination of bird, pig, and human flu strains.

The Sparkling One cannot watch television and has not in more than a year. Movement on the TV screen triggers vertigo; therefore, she will not have the opportunity to overreact to the 24/7 news shows.

Here are some links that might be handy sources of non-television information.

CDC Emergency Preparedness & Response Site

American Red Cross: Preparing and Getting Trained

Welcome to the White House - US and has a link to a swine flu information update widget on the blog. Scroll down just a tad and look on the left for the swine flu widget link. It's the green one on the left of this page if you don't want to clog your hard drive.

I'm not going to restate the official recommendations. The U. S. Government has been recommending preparedness for years. If you're not ready, what on EARTH are you waiting for?

These are some additional things that might help. The entire Sparkling Family is doing/does these things as regularly as we can:

* Moderation in all things, including moderation. Don't blow your energy body away by freaking over anything. I've done it by overreacting. Isn't worth the trouble it takes to rebuild it.

* Consider getting certified in first aid and CPR. The American Red Cross is ALWAYS my recommendation for getting this kind of training. I performed the Heimlich maneuver on a choking elderly woman in a restaurant in Meridian, Mississippi. You cannot imagine how it felt to hear her daughter say, "She's breathing! She's breathing!"

* Consider making up a batch of Honey Medicine if you've used up what you had. This is good for all viral issues and it just tastes good too.

* Get a nice, really clear, quarter-sized piece of tumbled clear quartz to keep in your pocket. Clear quartz has the folklore legend of being a "cure-all". Keeping it with you should help keep your overall body frequency a bit higher than normal. Average body frequencies run from 62-66 Hz. Edging towards 66 Hz is a good thing. Soap it up and rinse it off every time you wash your hands. If you have time, it'll get a good recharging if you can sit it in the sunshine for a couple of hours. They're quite inexpensive as well.

* For the sake of the rest of us, STAY HOME IF YOU'RE SICK WITH ANYTHING CONSIDERED "CATCHING". Please. Do I need to further explain this?

* Get a small bottle of hand sanitizer to keep in the glove box of your car and your purse as well. Think gasoline pump handles, store door handles, credit/debit card swipy things and the stylus--if you have hand sanitizer (or sanitizing wipes in a sealed container), you can wash up regularly. Those clear plastic bags that newspapers are in when they're home delivered make marvelous trash bags for cars and such. No crook is likely to break into your car to see what's inside it since it's clear and they'll see trash, no temptation to put off tossing it since it's so small it'll fill up rather quickly.

Honestly, influenza viruses are airborne for the most part. I had true flu once when I was in high school. Like to have died. It's like getting hit by a cannonball and never hearing the shot.

The Sparkling One cannot afford any more damage. She's going to do like she does for all the hurricanes that come this way and yes, we get them here in Alabama. Hurricane Katrina came through with sustained winds of 75 mph and we're 250 miles from the Gulf Coast.

Hurricanes we can deal with. We'll see how well we do with swine flu.

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