Friday, April 17, 2009

Star-Crossed or A Cardinal Rule of Energy Generation

I’ve found another piece of my energy problem puzzle. It's been in my stars all along.

I meant it when I said I would leave no stone unturned in my quest to solve my health problems. They’re serious, disabling, and confounding.

It’s been a journey since my father died last May. I’ve explored crystals, energy medicine, acupuncture, chiropractics, and Edgar Cayce health recommendations in my current full-time job of getting well. The years and mountains of money I’ve spent on Western medicine dismay me. I’ve derived benefit from all forms of health restoration and illness amelioration into which I have delved. I intend to continue them all for as long as I continue to benefit.

One insurmountable problem has plagued me as far back as I have memory, and that’s energy generation. Yeah my stamina is shot but I mean body energy when I say energy generation.

The problem is simple: a permanent solution has yet to be found, to my knowledge.

In the last few months, I’ve done some superficial reading and moderate pondering and decided that personality astrology would not cause belief-system conflict. Predictive astrology, making decisions and plans based on horoscope charts, would be a problem (and really wouldn’t be of much assistance to me). Being a true believer in psychology and professionally-administered, scientifically developed assessment tests makes personality astrology seem like a good fit.

My journey into self-understanding began when my late friend and Formation Director in Carmel, a PhD who administered psychological and other assessment tests at the State level before her retirement, gave me the MBTI assessment. Her advice and recommendations, guidance and friendship, finally drew back the veil on why I am the way I am (ENJT if you’re just wondering). She died of cancer, I voluntarily withdrew from Carmel, and had to start again, once again. But my firm belief in the value of professionally administered and scientifically-developed assessments was cemented. (Oh, go on and take a Tickle test. It won’t hurt and you might learn something. But get a counselor or psychologist for real assessments. They’re worth the price if you want the knowledge).

But, before embarking on any complementary or alternative health program and before considering anything found here at Sparkling With Crystals, I urge my gentle readers to evaluate and be strong in their own belief systems. You must know what you believe to be right and true before you’ll be able to evaluate whether a practice or system will be right for you. Clients and patients must find those whose beliefs are in line with their own in order to make optimal progress.

I was absolutely blessed by God to have accidentally come across a crystal healer tolerant of my belief system (no idea if he‘s an anomaly in the business, but he understands my belief system well). He made just a couple of recommendations but they were utterly perfect and spot-on. Without his help, I would still be bedridden as well as housebound.

I took his advice and ran with rock medicine. I buried myself under a rock with books and books and books.

Studying crystal and mineral medicine logically lead me into the broader field of energy medicine. I found Donna Eden, whose system doesn’t conflict with my beliefs, and made further progress. Still, I can’t get a handle on increasing the amount of bodily energy I produce. I can move it around myself, balance it top-to-bottom and side-to-side, but can't generate more.

I can hold onto what I have, for the most part. I can disseminate energy well when I communicate and when I’m being creative, for example. But generating sufficient energy is simply something my body cannot do.

In pursuing personality astrology through my birth chart looking for answers, I found a reflection of this energy-generation problem of mine. It seems I don’t have beneficial Cardinal planets in my birth chart, the only astrological chart I'm really working to understand right now.

Cardinal signs reflect energy production, Fixed signs ground the energy into usage, and Mutable signs share the results. To apply this strictly to health one should probably consider the planets in one's 6th House which covers physical health (where I have the Moon and Neptune), but my overall Quality situation can't be ignored.

  • Cardinal Earth: Jupiter, Saturn Air: Mars
  • Fixed Fire: Uranus Air: Venus Earth: Ascending Taurus Water: Moon, Neptune
  • Mutable Fire: Sun, Mercury

Plenty of Fixed and one of my Lights, the Moon; sufficient Mutable with my other Light there, the Sun, which is important. But only planets in my Cardinals and two can be conflicting for energy generation.

Jupiter expands and Saturn contracts, so the teachings go. The Lights, Sun and Moon, are the most influential bodies in a chart. Mars is my good shot at energy generation, for all intents and purposes.

I've got science behind me that I don't produce normal amounts of electrical energy, at least. There's a device called a AcuGraph that measures the amount of skin resistance present over acupuncture meridians. When last it was measured, I was producing 56% of what an average person produces. To compare, my two daughters were both slightly over 100%. We were all measured on the same day, same machine, same technician.

Anyway, I am more and more leaning toward the position that my energy problems are constitutional and not due to ill health.

Poor Cardinal signs, AcuGraph reading, having lived 48 years knowing myself better than anyone else knows me--I can't find anything else to account for my poor energy generation other than simply the way I'm made.

The Crystal Healer intuitively knew a crystal that would help. What's the crystal considered to be the one that carries energy to the most perfect state possible? One considered to be a pure source of energy? Clear quartz, the crystal he told me to start with. I'm telling you, crystal healers aren't your average Joes.

My recent clear quartz diet was very good for me in many ways. I'm gonna make clear quartz-charged water to rinse my hair and for the next time I dive into a nice hot bath. Heck, no reason not to put nice tumbled stones in my chest of drawers, the pockets of my coat and sweaters--the possibilities are endless. Clear quartz clusters--need more of them too.

Is this a cure for my problems? Will I suddenly become Amazing Woman? Wow, wouldn't that be FUN?? XD Heavens yes, it would be GRAND to become Amazing Woman. But clear quartz won't do it.

Clear quartz will NOT straighten my spine or move the displaced vertebra back in line. I seriously doubt it will balance the ionic fluids in my cochlea. It will raise my "frequency" as long as I'm in contact with it or until my body learns to maintain the higher frequency by itself.

What I expect is that redoubling my exposure to clear quartz will improve my functioning as a whole. That alone would be worth my efforts, the way I see it. I have come to the conclusion that any permanent or even long-term improvements, Eastern or Western, temporal or astral, are so far ahead of me that I can't see them from here. And I'm clairvoyant. I can see a long, long ways. :)

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